Food prices will rise by 50%, and gasoline and, possibly, a communal apartment will also rise in price

The National Bank reported on the situation with inflation in Ukraine - the only hope is to reduce security risks.

The dollar has risen, will there be a shortage of fuel and why Ukrainians will not be able to pay taxes yet: the consequences of missile attacks on Ukraine

Ukrainians in any unstable situation go to the gas station.

There is no limit to taxes: in 2023, excises and VAT on fuel can be raised even more in Ukraine

War and rising fuel prices are no longer a reason to keep preferential taxation.

The Verkhovna Rada returned the excise tax on fuel: what does this mean?

VAT remains at 7%. 

Ukraine will raise taxes: the Committee approved the return of excise taxes on fuel

Now the bill can be adopted in the near future.

Road construction in Ukraine wants to be financed through excise taxes on fuel and the abolition of debt payments

But so far there is no money in the budget for this.

Ukrainians can get help to pay for gasoline at WOG. What do you need to know?

From August 9, the єDopomoga subscription is available in the WOG filling station network.