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A “winter pause” is possible in hostilities, the Russian flag has disappeared in Melitopol, and Kherson region is now under artillery fire: military news November 13

Under enemy fire - Zaporozhye region, Nikopol, as well as the left bank of the Kherson region. Meanwhile, experts are planning a pause in the counteroffensive for the winter.

Armed Forces of Ukraine gained advantage near Kherson, "Kadyrovtsy" arrive in Belarus: military news October 30

"Kadyrovtsy" arrive in Belarus, shelling in the Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk regions continues, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine have superiority in the Kherson region.

Under fire - Zaporozhye and Nikolaev, power outages in Ukraine, and in the West they warn of a "dirty bomb": military news October 23

It's been 242 days since the beginning of the war. Zaporozhye, Nikopol, as well as Donetsk and other cities of Ukraine are under fire. The key moments of the next day of the war were collected in a military summary.

Infrastructure continues to be attacked by kamikaze drones, Ukrainian Armed Forces advance in Kherson region, and microchips for Russian missiles will soon run out: military news October 15

Russia continues to attack Ukrainian targets with combat drones, in response we fire at border villages and cities. However, the US hopes that the lack of microelectronics will soon create a shortage of weapons for the Russian Federation.

Cruel for the West, decisive for the East: what is known and what they say about General Surovikin, the new commander of the Russian army

They call him cruel, and Western political scientists do not expect anything good from the appointment of a new commander-in-chief, Surovikin. Who is he really and how everything will change now - we tell in the material.

Russia expanded targets for missile strikes, Yelenovskaya colony with "Azov" again under fire: military news 18 September

Under shelling again Yelenovskaya colony, where Ukrainian prisoners of war are located, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained powerful explosions in Kherson - military news for September 18.