Kadyrov sends his minor children to fight against Ukraine

After the head of Chechnya called on Russia to use nuclear weapons, he said that his three sons, the youngest of whom is 14 and the eldest - 16, it's time to show themselves in real combat.

The battle for the south: what is needed for the Ukrainian counteroffensive, and what will happen if something goes wrong

It turns out that all the big counter-offensive that is being prepared today is initially limited to a relatively narrow strip on the right bank of the Dnieper.

The operational pause is over, the Russian Federation is advancing again. What's next?

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu gave the order to attack all strategically important areas. It seems that Ukraine is waiting for new fierce battles.

The last outpost in the Luhansk region - Lisichansk - fell: how events can develop at the front now

The loss of Lisichansk, and with it the entire Luhansk region, is a stage in the battle for Donbass.