Diplomas online and business in three clicks: the next innovations in digitalization

Now there will be free online access to educational documents, and it will be possible to open an LLC in a few seconds.

The era of crisis: the restoration of the pre-war income level of Ukrainians will last from 3-5 years

Almost every Ukrainian feels the consequences of the economic crisis.

Earn, save, don't buy cars: Getmantsev spoke about the money the country lives on and gave advice to Ukrainians

Getmantsev explained the reasons for the increase in the military tax and the return of duties on the import of cars.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs and manufacturers can receive $1000 in aid: details

Submission of applications for participation in the project starts on April 27 and will last until May 10.

Loan at 0%: the government announced new favorable conditions for entrepreneurs. To whom are they available?

The updated lending program is available to some categories of entrepreneurs.

Will there be no more envelope salaries? The Ministry of Economy presented a bill to combat shadow employment

The main goal is the need to determine at the legislative level the issues of state labor inspection.

How to open a FOP in a war

This can be done both remotely and through the state registrar.

The government has limited the deadline for applying for cash assistance under the eSupport program

We are talking about 6500 hryvnias in aid for work lost due to the war.

How to survive a business in a war: expert advice

Entrepreneurs need to adapt to the new reality.

eSupport: Ukrainians who lost their jobs began to receive 6500 UAH of assistance

It is reported that now the money is received by those who applied on the first day of the program.

The end of the era of poverty: sole proprietorships are closing, and half of Ukrainians have no savings

Only 9% of Ukrainians have the opportunity to save money.

Forcing cash registers: sellers will be fined for not having a cash register

No one will escape the new law.

The Rada failed to vote on postponing the introduction of PPO. Small business is over?

Most of the deputies did not appear in parliament in principle.

During a rally of FOPs in Kyiv, a fight broke out with the police: the Verkhovna Rada convenes an extraordinary meeting

Entrepreneurs demand to postpone the mandatory introduction of cash registers for another year

Large-scale rally of FOPs on Bankovaya. Full report

FOPs came to the president.

Bank accounts of sole proprietors are under threat: they are blocked because of a communal apartment. Who is affected by the problem?

Business blames the Diya app for everything

The Ministry of Finance named the number of Ukrainians who will be able to qualify for "quarantine" 8 thousand

We are talking about tens of thousands of people, they say in the government.

In Ukraine, pensions will increase from April 1 - however, only for working pensioners

Approximately 2 million elderly people will be recalculated.

Shmygal again promised to pay 8 sole proprietors

We are talking only about entrepreneurs working in the "red" zones of quarantine zoning.

How far are we from the Maidan? How will the confrontation between the Office of the President and street "activists" end?

A memory pill and a short guide to our recent history