"Modern kobzar, master of storytelling": the first reviews appeared on Sentsov's new film

February 17 "Rhino" was released in wide release. Sentsov told how he filmed the tape and what difficulties he encountered. In particular, he had to abandon the song "Civil Defense" in the soundtrack, because Letov supported the Bolsheviks.

Renaissance of Ukrainian culture: Netflix acquired the rights to Sentsov's film "Rhinoceros"

A real win!

Let's move on to "Quarter-95": the Constitutional Court recognized the ban on Russian films and programs as constitutional

The "black list" is noticeably expanding.

Sentsov made a new film for 25 million with a right-wing radical in the title role: the trailer for "Rhino" was released

Admit it, are you going to watch?

Stubbornness of "Rhino": Sentsov's new film will be shown at the 78th Venice Film Festival

The director continues to make his way through the thorns to the stars, even though the state has refused to sponsor his next work.

Goskino refused to finance Sentsov's new film. The director is furious

But it could be a masterpiece...

Zrada from Netflix: the company translated the word "Bandera" in "Brother-2" as "Ukrainian Nazi collaborator." The Verkhovna Rada was outraged

Note that the information is not yet fully verified.

Radical Filimonov starred in Sentsov's film, funded by the state: what terrible things did these "heroes" do

The director left his girlfriend with a newborn baby in her arms

Poll in Kyiv: do Ukrainians watch patriotic films?

In 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allocated UAH 1 billion for the needs of the cultural sector. This was announced in July last year by the Minister of Culture Alexander Tkachenko.

Coronavirus Foundation of Ukraine: asphalt and films instead of fighting the epidemic

The Cabinet of Ministers allowed spending money from the coronavirus fund to shoot patriotic films. They used to spend it on roads in the Lviv region, and now they spend it on cinema.

In the Kyiv region during the filming of the film, the National Guardsman committed a tragic incident

A soldier ran over a worker in a car

A documentary about the murder of Sheremet was released in Ukraine: video

Film reel contains exclusive police commentary

On RosTV, the final credits in the film "Brother-2" were replaced with footage of "Black Maidan" in the United States. Video

Found a way to once again remind the Russians about the unrest in America