dummy certificate

In Ukraine, the business of forging COVID-certificates flourished with might and main

Our people think they have deceived the whole world, but they deceive only themselves.

“Hope shows the whole country that it is possible to break the law”: Radutsky and Savchenko quarreled over a fake COVID certificate

The folk heroine never answered whether she ordered false documents.

Welcome to the "red zone": crowds outside shops and storming of vaccination stations

In Sumy, the first day of strict quarantine restrictions caused a stir.

The prosecutor's office and the police declared war on fake COVID-certificates

They promise to hold accountable both customers and performers.

Coronavirus adventures of our Roksolana: Savchenko returned from Turkey with a fake COVID-certificate

The former deputy faces a criminal article.

Jail for fake COVID certificate? The Cabinet of Ministers wants to introduce criminal liability for "black" vaccination documents

All serious

The business of selling fake PCR certificates is booming

Any document can be bought online, including the PCR test