Victoria Spartz was offended by the boards with her photo in the Khmelnytsky region and complained to the FBI

The congresswoman accuses the OP and Yermak of interfering in the American elections and organizing an information campaign against her.

Hillary Clinton Faked Russiagate - Fox News

Trump said that in tougher times, this would be punishable by death.

Secret of the investigation: the FBI helps to search for the attackers on Shefir, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not say exactly how

It seems it's time to invite MI6 or Mossad agents, otherwise it will not work.

“Innocent soul, the kindest person”: Arakhamia told why they wanted to kill Shefir and that the FBI would take care of his case

Is the FBI also investigating Elder's murder?

You can’t do without the FBI: what is the connection between the assassination attempt on Shefir and the assassination of Kennedy

Perhaps the Mossad should also be involved in the investigation.

The FBI broke into the apartment of Trump's ex-lawyer: officers searched Giuliani because of his connection with Ukraine

Now the FBI wants to know if the lawyer tried in 2019 to influence the Ukrainian authorities to help him find dirt on Joe Biden.

Like, Share, Recruit: How a white supremacist militia is using Facebook to radicalize and educate new members

TIME published an article about the nationalist formation "Azov". How is the recruitment of fighters through Facebook...

Today in the United States, both houses of Congress will be engaged in the certification of electoral votes

Today is a significant day in the States: both houses of Congress will be engaged in the certification of electoral votes.

In Berlin, unidentified people opened fire near the office of the Social Democratic Party, a mysterious explosion thundered in the United States, and in the Russian Federation, a military man “accidentally” fired a cannon at a shopping center

The morning of Saturday, December 26, began loudly and tragically: there was a shooting in Berlin, four people were injured. In Nashville, USA, there was a powerful explosion that demolished several buildings at once.