Energy system of Ukraine

When emergency power outages will stop in Ukraine: the Cabinet announced the deadlines

How long will it take to restore the energy system in Ukraine? This is not a quick matter, but there is hope - the Ministry of Energy has announced approximate dates.

How is the restoration of energy after the missile strike on December 16: details from Ukrenergo

What is the situation in the energy sector on December 18? This is reported in the next report of Ukrenergo.

Tricks, tricks and dancing with a tambourine: how to make your laptop and phone last longer on battery if there is no light

After emergency power outages entered the life of Ukrainians, the issue of extending the operation of gadgets became relevant. We will give some tips on how to make a laptop and phone work longer,

Without light, without heat, and with the horse prices for gasoline? Will generators affect the cost of fuel in Ukraine

Let there be light... from the generator! And at the same time - the increase in prices for gasoline and diesel for them. No matter how much the Ukrainians want to get out of the trap, they can’t

We hope for the best, but prepare for the worst: there will be emergency power outages, stocking up on generators and mobile boilers (updated)

Ukrenergo assures that after a massive missile attack on November 15, the work of the country's energy system was stabilized.