In Ukraine, they decided to change the cost of travel for men liable for military service abroad: details

Active discussions on this issue have been going on in the government for the third month, but no decision has yet been made.

Departure of men from the country for UAH 200 is postponed: Shmyhal did not sign the decree

The initiative raised a lot of questions.

New features in Die will be useless for many Ukrainians

Now you can add a pension certificate and a residence permit to the application, but as in the case of a passport, we are talking exclusively about a biometric, not a paper document.

All about subsidies: how to apply if there is no work, what documents you need to collect and where to apply

The key is to pay bills on time.

Diplomas online and business in three clicks: the next innovations in digitalization

Now there will be free online access to educational documents, and it will be possible to open an LLC in a few seconds.

A few clicks and 5000 dollars: the Ministry of Digital Development legalized the departure of men abroad

The government has launched an app that will allow firms to send male employees abroad, but under certain conditions.

Replace with a trident: Ukrainians decided the fate of the Motherland monument in Kyiv

The majority voted in favor of replacing the emblem of the USSR, but experts say that any intervention in the monument can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Who Wrote 1807 “eDonos”: Users Compare the “Evorog” Chatbot to “Mass Snitching” in the Soviet Era

The application "Diya" had to apologize for the example of a message about collaborators in the "eBorog" chat bot, in which a woman is accused of being "pregnant from a rashist".

Either they introduce it, or they don’t: in Ukraine they started talking about keeping records of those liable for military service through “Diya”

It is not yet clear which of the ministries has voiced truthful information on the issue.

Money for own business, business relocation and UAH 100 for prisoners: how to get help through the Diya portal

On the Diya portal, you can apply not only for a grant for business development, but also for the transportation of equipment and products during relocation.

Citizens of Ukraine will be sent subpoenas through "Diya"

But there is one caveat ...

More than half a million Ukrainians lost their homes due to the war: new housing for migrants will have to wait

In the Kyiv region, as part of a pilot project, they began to build houses for Ukrainians.

Ukraine canceled certificates of non-conviction and criminal liability

The country is increasingly moving towards digital document management.

A project was launched in Ukraine to support women entrepreneurs and family business owners

The project "Business support during the war and in the post-war period" provides for a number of areas.

6500 hryvnias of aid were not credited to everyone: how to get a payment

Payments have been delayed for more than a month.

UAH 125 in aid: the Ministry of Digital Development launched grants for businesses

Applications must be submitted by May 30th.

Entrepreneurs in Ukraine will receive UAH 6500 for employed migrants - Mintsifra

Also, some categories of Ukrainians have increased payments for children.

The price of war: why there is not enough money for the army and where they are going to get it

The huge funds collected for the army are still not enough.

In Ukraine, reduced the amount of unemployment benefits, but simplified its receipt

Now you do not need to personally visit the employment center to register the status of the unemployed.

It became known what will be the maximum compensation for the destroyed housing

When choosing a new place of residence, you will need to choose a settlement that is comparable in terms of population to where the person lived before.