Oil Prices

The Russian Federation imposed a ban on oil exports to countries that joined the "price ceiling": what is wrong with the decision and why it will not interfere with exports

Russia also intends to continue pumping oil through Ukraine.

Too smart: "oil ceiling" will not harm Putin and Russia, but the European Union may suffer

The oil ceiling, over which Europe has been tinkering for so long, will not hurt Putin, as it turned out.

In Europe, the United States is accused of making money in the war by selling gas to Europeans 4 times more expensive

EU countries are also facing blackouts this winter, and the US is also earning money from weapons.

The EU adopted the 8th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation: how the price ceiling for Russian oil will work

The new restrictions apply to the sea transportation of Russian oil and petroleum products, services related to crypto wallets, as well as engineering, IT and legal services.

Answer to Chamberlain: OPEC+ countries voted to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day

Against the backdrop of this message, the price of oil on the stock exchange has already skyrocketed - whether there will be more.

Capping Russian Oil Prices Could Be Biden's Biggest Energy Mistake

Russia and its OPEC+ allies can keep profits by keeping oil prices high.

While the EU is arguing about the price ceiling for Russian oil, Japan and Britain are imposing new sanctions against Russia

For oil price restrictions to come into force, they must be approved by 27 EU member states, but it seems that there is no unanimity yet.

PR and nothing else? The European Union will not impose a price cap on Russian oil contrary to promises

And there were conversations! After three months of PR of the eighth package of sanctions, everything turned into zilch - the European Union still did not impose restrictions on oil.

And eat a fish, and not choke on a bone: the United States and allies want Russia to sell oil, but not expensive

The G-7 is going to agree on a plan to limit the price of Russian oil, in Russia they called this idea "complete absurdity."

The conflict between Biden and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia: what does the energy crisis have to do with it and what awaits Ukraine?

The verbal skirmish between the President of the United States and Mohammed bin Salman can say a lot about the situation in the oil market and the future of Europe

"Prices will stabilize, but will not fall": the National Bank told how much gasoline will cost

Motorists should prepare for a new life

Despite sanctions, the Russian Federation began to earn more on the supply of energy resources to the EU - State Department

The sanctions have driven up energy prices, which plays into Russia's hands.

Russia bypasses the oil embargo: how Russian oil gets to the US and the EU

In this Russia is helped mainly by India.

“Something could happen” to the Druzhba oil pipeline: the Ministry of Energy said that Ukraine has a powerful lever of influence on Hungary

Earlier, Petro Poroshenko made such a proposal.

A quick ban on the "black gold" of the Russian Federation? Dozens of countries are discovering their strategic oil reserves - The New York Times

Experts say the "golden age" of Russian oil may be coming to an end.

Wheat, oil, Russian ruble: how the world market reacted to the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine-Russia talks have encouraged the oil market.

Global economic consequences: the war in Ukraine will be felt on all continents

The echo of the war in Ukraine begins to sound in European countries.

Everyone will feel the consequences: the IMF said that the war in Ukraine will deal a strong blow to the global economy

The IMF assesses risks for each region - Europe, the Middle East, African countries, the states of the Western Hemisphere.

War in Ukraine will lead to famine in the Middle East and Africa - The Economist

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to a rise in food and fuel prices, which will cause poverty and unrest, according to the publication.

War in Ukraine: US is feverish on gasoline prices, and the world is at risk of stagflation

The war in Ukraine will have a serious impact on the global economy.