Employment Center

Ukraine has a record low number of unemployed: men are afraid to go to the employment service for fear of being mobilized

Most of the registered unemployed in employment centers are women.

Blackouts can lead to rising unemployment: what you need to get benefits

Unemployed Ukrainians can receive a maximum of UAH 10 per month from the state.

Two times fewer vacancies and 2,6 million unemployed: the Ministry of Economy told how the state solves the problem of employment

The government has come up with several options to improve the situation.

If you don’t want to chop wood for the minimum wage, you will lose the status of the unemployed: the Ministry of Economy explained that it’s better to work for $150 a month than not work at all

The unemployed will not actually be able to refuse socially useful work.

Employers will be encouraged to hire "perpetual unemployed"

The state wants to remove the long-term unemployed from "its neck" by paying compensation to the employer for employment.

Better without a job than with an agenda: men are afraid to go to the Employment Center due to mobilization

The number of officially registered unemployed in Ukraine is more than 300 thousand people.