Center for countering disinformation

Without Donbass and NATO, but with the right to join the EU: a new peace plan to end the war has been published

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation believes that this plan is beneficial to Russia.

Beware of scammers: a fake "e-Support" chatbot has been created

In war conditions, swindlers quickly adapt and come up with new schemes to deceive inattentive citizens.

War in Ukraine: safety rules for Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories

Occupation is usually accompanied by intense propaganda, provocations and repressions against our people.

War in Ukraine: what to do if you are captured

Also, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published advice on what to do if the occupier wants to surrender.

What kind of state assistance will IDPs receive?

Ukrainians are announced to receive benefits, child benefits and partial compensation for a communal apartment.

What to do if you find explosive or suspicious objects

Ukrainians warned against enemy booby traps.

Evacuation from Ukraine: how to take a child abroad during the war

We remind you of the rules for crossing the border for children under 16 years old.

War in Ukraine: what to do in case of storming the city and how to travel by car in conditions of mass evacuation

A reminder to all civilians!

Ready to share with the whole world: in Ukraine they spoke about the unique experience of combating the "information aggression" of the Russian Federation

We will advise the global community

The sensational Center for countering disinformation turned out to be an editorial office in Ukrinform

It turns out that we now have two Centers?

The Zelensky Center for Counteracting Disinformation has only one employee in its arsenal who is not paid

The head of the department has never received a salary

The Center for Counteracting Information for a month of work has not begun to expose enemy propaganda

The National Security and Defense Council says that organizational problems are to blame.

Natalya Solzhenitsyna: "What Kravchuk invents is shameful." But what is the point of a clumsy fake from the ex-president?

The ex-president decided to "finish" the dissident writer Solzhenitsyn with a phrase that never existed