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Without light, without heat, and with the horse prices for gasoline? Will generators affect the cost of fuel in Ukraine

Let there be light... from the generator! And at the same time - the increase in prices for gasoline and diesel for them. No matter how much the Ukrainians want to get out of the trap, they can’t

There is no shortage, but do not expect cheap gasoline: what will fuel prices be until the end of 2022

Unfortunately, the NBU forecast does not please motorists in 2022 - a tidy sum will have to be paid for fuel.

Gasoline shortage and price increase: the situation at Ukrainian gas stations

September stocks have stabilized prices at gas stations, but this will not be for long, experts say.

The Verkhovna Rada returned the excise tax on fuel: what does this mean?

VAT remains at 7%. 

Gasoline will soar after the dollar, while the cost is up to 56-57 UAH / liter

A rise in price should be expected when the stocks of fuel purchased at the old dollar rate run out.

It's too early to relax: queues at gas stations and gasoline via the Internet may return

Now Ukraine is completely dependent on fuel supplies from Europe, but they may soon decline sharply.

Poland no longer transfers fuel to Ukraine for free. What is the situation on the fuel market now?

The crisis in the fuel market of Ukraine may last until July.

The Cabinet of Ministers has changed the marginal prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, but the deficit is getting worse: reasons

Outside gas stations, the cost of gasoline reaches 125 hryvnia per liter.

Fighting fuel shortages at gas stations: gasoline and diesel will rise in price in Ukraine

The current rise in prices may not completely solve the shortage problem.

Fuel crisis: gasoline will rise in price in Ukraine

The decision was made at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on April 29

Save gasoline! What happens to fuel in Ukraine

Why is gasoline in short supply?

In order to save money: Kyiv residents are asked to transfer to public transport due to fuel shortages

The government of Ukraine intends to eliminate the shortage of fuel in a week, but they announce an increase in the price of oil products.

UAH 500 fine: during martial law it is forbidden to store fuel for personal needs

According to experts, there is now a shortage of fuel in Ukraine.

Global economic consequences: the war in Ukraine will be felt on all continents

The echo of the war in Ukraine begins to sound in European countries.

Ukrainian networks of filling stations have lowered the cost of fuel

The price reduction reaches 10,68 UAH/liter, depending on the filling.

Petrol and diesel prices to fall in Ukraine from March 18

The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the reduction of taxes and the abolition of the excise tax on fuel comes into force.

War in Ukraine: US is feverish on gasoline prices, and the world is at risk of stagflation

The war in Ukraine will have a serious impact on the global economy.

In Ukraine, the price of gasoline and automobile gas may rise sharply

It is assumed that the price per liter of fuel can be up to 40 hryvnia per liter.

There is no good news for car enthusiasts: petrol and diesel prices are rising and not stopping

- From mid-November to March, the price of gasoline and diesel increased by UAH 5,43 in retail. If you look at the dynamics of the last two months, then I do not have good news for the consumer, the cost will only increase.

Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel jumped sharply in Ukraine: what happened

As early as February 23, the average price per liter of A-95 was UAH 27, but the very next day it was UAH 28