The relics of the holy miracle worker, the patron saint of Cherkasy region, will be returned to Pereyaslav

A truly important and unique event.

Massive shelling of Ukraine on October 31: millions of Ukrainians without water, electricity and communications, there will be emergency power outages

The President's Office reproached the West for watching the shelling with interest, but not in a hurry to help.

More than 800 settlements are de-energized, there are dead: bad weather swept across Ukraine

The hurricane caused trouble in many regions of Ukraine.

How much can you? In Cherkassy, ​​a well-known businessman who was considered an "authority" was shot from machine guns

Some day of chaos

Weekend protest: stop fake pandemic in the rain and an appeal to Zelensky signed in blood (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Not a single weekend in Ukraine passes without protests

Why was the Ukrainian fleet humiliated? Film review of the film "CHERKASSY"

Pavel Kukharkin prepared a film review for the patriotic drama Cherkasy. UAH 40 million was spent on the creation of the film. from taxpayers' money.

“I’ll break you, new fish!”: the mayor of Cherkassy spoke obscenely to the representative of the National Corps during the session of the City Council

A fight almost broke out, but the police quickly separated the conflicting people.

In Lutsk and Ternopil, they rebelled against quarantine: what threatens the authorities with a new “uprising of mayors”

New analysis from Eva Antonenko

ГБР prevented the assassination of the deputy head of Cherkassy: a deputy was involved. A photo

Authorities checked the operation

The mayor of Cherkasy announced the disappearance of his deputy

Haven't heard from him since yesterday.

A powerful downpour turned Cherkasy into Venice. Video

In less than an hour, the city street was under water

For a "bandit": the mayor of Cherkasy will sue Zelensky

The lawsuit is being prepared

“There is nothing to catch at the local elections in Cherkassy”: Bondarenko answered Zelensky harshly

The mayor said he was waiting for the president's visit

“I won’t sit at the same table”: Zelensky called the scandalous mayor of Cherkasy a bandit

19 criminal proceedings were opened against Anatoly Bondarenko

“Only hard quarantine!” An interesting video surfaced with the mayor of Cherkasy

For a month and a half, Bondarenko changed his position

The mayor of Cherkassy showed threats from the deputy head of the OP: the network suspected tricks of the "Joker"

He promised that Bondarenko could wake up under a plaid blanket