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Explosions at the airfield in Engels, a probable counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Lugansk region, the combined return of Crimea: military news on December 26

Ukraine promises to return Crimea by the end of spring.

A “winter pause” is possible in hostilities, the Russian flag has disappeared in Melitopol, and Kherson region is now under artillery fire: military news November 13

Under enemy fire - Zaporozhye region, Nikopol, as well as the left bank of the Kherson region. Meanwhile, experts are planning a pause in the counteroffensive for the winter.

Infrastructure continues to be attacked by kamikaze drones, Ukrainian Armed Forces advance in Kherson region, and microchips for Russian missiles will soon run out: military news October 15

Russia continues to attack Ukrainian targets with combat drones, in response we fire at border villages and cities. However, the US hopes that the lack of microelectronics will soon create a shortage of weapons for the Russian Federation.

The undermining of the Crimean bridge and criticism of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: military news for October 8

The most important news is the undermining of the Crimean bridge, which occurred at 6 am. We tell you all the military news for October 8.

Under shelling of Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk region, the Russian army continues to collect reserves: military news for September 24

The shelling of the Kharkiv region, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk region continues. The Russian army continues to collect reserves.

Subpoenas in the Russian Federation are issued as a punishment for participating in protests, and the “authorities” of the Zaporozhye region appointed by the Russians want to go to the borders of the region: military news for September 22

The Russians attacked the Kharkiv railway station, and Ukrainian forces continue to successfully repel attempts by the Russian army to advance in a number of directions.

Russia expanded targets for missile strikes, Yelenovskaya colony with "Azov" again under fire: military news 18 September

Under shelling again Yelenovskaya colony, where Ukrainian prisoners of war are located, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained powerful explosions in Kherson - military news for September 18.

Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing in all directions in the Kharkiv region and are pushing the Russian Federation in the South: military news 10 September

Ukrainian troops entered Kupyansk and Izyum, the Russians retreated to Oskol and other villages. Next up is Lyman.

Armed Forces of Ukraine changed the purpose of the offensive in the South, and the losses of the Russian army approached 50 thousand: military news 4 September

The losses of the Russian army approached 50 thousand, the shelling of Ukrainian territory continues, but the United States is confident that Ukraine will withstand the onslaught.

The shelling of Kharkov and the Dnieper, the offensive in the South despite the losses: military news 3 September

Kharkiv and Dnipro, as well as Kramatorsk and Donetsk, are under fire again, and most Russians support the war in Ukraine.

Shelling of Zaporozhye, a strike on the center of Slavyansk and the nuances of an offensive in the South of Ukraine: military news on August 28

Zaporizhia and Sumy region were under fire - during the day, fire was opened on the border territories 122 times. Meanwhile, experts report that an increase in the army will not help the Russian Armed Forces in southern Ukraine.

Attacks on Kharkiv and Nikolaev have become more frequent, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling Crimea: military news for August 20

The main military news of Ukraine for August 20.

The shelling of Donetsk and Nikolaev, a new Russian target in Ukraine and strikes on the Antonovsky bridge: military news 14 August

Russia has changed targets in the war with Ukraine, under fire again Kharkov region and Donbass, as well as Nikolaev and Nikopol.