The abolition of banking secrecy in Ukraine, tax cuts and when it will become easier for everyone: the main thing from Getmantsev's interview

While the war is going on, the situation in Ukraine will remain difficult, but the main thing is to survive the winter.

Ukraine has a record low number of unemployed: men are afraid to go to the employment service for fear of being mobilized

Most of the registered unemployed in employment centers are women.

Christmas tree dismissal: Ukrainians expect a new wave of layoffs

The launch of the Recovery Army will not solve the problem of unemployment in the country.

Ukrainians will be involved in public works in mined and even in radioactive territories

Written consent is sufficient.

60% of Ukrainians may be below the poverty line, a third of those who left usually return from migration - head of the Institute of Demography Libanova

Because of the war, mostly people with higher education left the country.

More than 5 million unemployed: the Ministry of Economy stated the catastrophic situation in the labor market of Ukraine

The situation can be exacerbated by power outages.

Thousands of Ukrainian women with higher education cannot get a job in Estonia: reasons

More than 300 refugees from Ukraine are registered in Estonian employment centers every week, but only about 30 people find work.