Sabotage is suspected: train traffic was paralyzed in Germany for three hours

and in northern Germany on the morning of October 8, long-distance Deutsche Bahn trains were paralyzed for three hours.

Take Berlin and destroy Nord Stream 2. What did Zelensky decide to do?

Zelensky is preparing to take Berlin and shut down Nord Stream 2.

Nord Stream 2 is completed: Putin announced his readiness to start gas supplies to Europe

The Russian Federation still managed to "squeeze" its project to the end

Zelensky gave an interview to the German media, where he again proposed abandoning the Minsk agreements and complained that Germany did not give Ukraine weapons

Everything, in principle, as usual - but there are a few interesting points

Putin spoke with Merkel about the situation in Donbass

Russia and Germany are expressing concern about the growing tension at the front.

Why did Ukraine convene the "Minsk Group": we really want to reformat it, but these intentions look hopeless. Although there are positive results

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba again raises the topic of involving the United States in the Normandy format.

Difficult discussion on Donbass: how did Yermak meet with the Kremlin negotiator in Berlin

Political advisers to the leaders of the Normandy Four and representatives of the Foreign Ministry agreed on another meeting on January 22

In Berlin, unidentified people opened fire near the office of the Social Democratic Party, a mysterious explosion thundered in the United States, and in the Russian Federation, a military man “accidentally” fired a cannon at a shopping center

The morning of Saturday, December 26, began loudly and tragically: there was a shooting in Berlin, four people were injured. In Nashville, USA, there was a powerful explosion that demolished several buildings at once.