In Belgorod, the mobilized opened fire on each other: what happened in the military unit of the Russian Federation and what does religion have to do with it

There was a shooting at the training ground in Belgorod, as a result of which people were injured and killed. The conflict happened among the mobilized.

Chatterbox is a godsend for a spy: Kuleba admitted to Russian pranksters that the explosions in Crimea were the work of Ukraine

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry was sure that he was talking to former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, and decided to "boast".

"Paladin of the Apocalypse": where are the Russian submarine with the Poseidon nuclear missile and the Ukrainian corvette "Hetman Mazepa" going

The Italian media are frightening with a Russian nuclear torpedo that can destroy New York, and in Ukraine they report that the first Ukrainian anti-submarine corvette has been launched.