G19, Ukrainian formula for peace and condemnation of Russian aggression: preliminary results of the GXNUMX meeting

There is a possibility that the Russian Federation may not support the resolution following the summit.

Joe and C meeting: no big breakthrough or radical change

Despite the fact that Xi Jinping announced the improvement of relations between China and the United States, analysts do not really believe in this.

Who will go to fabulous Bali: Zelensky has decided, and Putin keeps the intrigue

There is exactly a week left before the G-20 summit, and if the Presidential Office gave an answer today regarding Zelensky’s participation in it, then the Kremlin is still waiting for something.

Beauty will not save the world: at a beauty contest in Bali, a Russian woman and a Ukrainian woman were accommodated in the same room - a scandal erupted

The representative of Ukraine said that she was "for peace, love, friendship," but she could not live in the same room with those who "torture her brothers and sisters."