Alexander Tupitsky

While Ukrainians are at the front, Tupitsky, Tymoshenko's son-in-law and company are having fun in Vienna

Ukrainian politicians turned out to be excellent “defenders of the Vienna Fortress”. Among them are Tupitsky, Tymoshenko's son-in-law, Bakhmatyuk and other “holding faces”.

An eye for an eye: Russia wants to "nationalize" Zelensky's villa in response to the nationalization of Russian property in Ukraine

Property can be taken away from other Ukrainian officials, and even from pop singers.

Vienna Terodefence: How Ukrainian Elite Refugees Live in the Austrian Capital

Even those politicians liable for military service who opposed European integration fled to Europe from the war.

In Ukraine, they thought about the liquidation of the Constitutional Court: what is offered in return

There has been talk about the liquidation of the CCU since 2013.

Now the NAPC has taken over the judges of the Constitutional Court headed by Tupitsky

The National Agency for Combating Corruption went through the declarations of judges.

The United States imposed sanctions against the former head of the CCU Tupitsky and lawyer Portnov. And these are the main corrupt officials of the country?

It would be more logical if Akhmetov and Kolomoisky were hit, but the States know how to surprise

Confrontation Tupitsky VS Zelensky continues: the dismissed head of the Constitutional Court filed a lawsuit against the Office of the President

Now the "ball again" is on Zelensky's side.

Zelensky VS Tupitsky: ГБР accuses the chief accountant of the KSU, and Mendel explains the essence of the confrontation to the dull

The Office of the President continues to fight with the head of the Constitutional Court.

The war with the KSU continues: Tupitsky announced a new suspicion

The office of the president does not stop the rivalry with the head of the Constitutional Court.

Riot on the ship: the judges of the Constitutional Court started a "war" against Zelensky and his team

They demand the return of Tupitsky and Kasminin

"Ukrainska Pravda" is sold: the well-known publication was officially acquired by the "right hand of Soros" Tomas Fiala

An oligarch or a respected Western investor?

Judges of the Constitutional Court stated about the pressure: ГБР launched an investigation against the head of the NAPC Novikov

NGO "Legal State" decided that Novikov nevertheless violated the law and interfered in the work of the Constitutional Court

Zelensky's colleague was caught in the Maldives

The rest of Ukrainian VIP-persons continues to be in the center of public attention.

Ukraine received another order from Western partners: to postpone appointments to the Constitutional Court

With a high degree of probability, there is no doubt that the order will be executed.

The judges of the Constitutional Court argued who should sit in Tupitsky's chair. Video

Everything was limited to a verbal skirmish.

Zelensky carried out a coup d'état: the head of the Constitutional Court Tupitsky transferred powers

The Constitution of Ukraine does not give the head of state the right to dismiss the judges of the Constitutional Court, however, Volodymyr Zelensky went against the Constitution.

Tupitsky continues the war with Zelensky: he challenges the presidential decree in the Supreme Court

Tupitsky's lawsuit was submitted to the Supreme Court on February 1. It will be considered by five judges of the Administrative Court of Cassation

Zelensky's legislative maneuvers: he withdrew one bill, introduced another

The President of Ukraine cannot decide in any way whether he is with the smart or the beautiful.

Employees of the State Guard blocked the building of the Constitutional Court - Tupitsky was not allowed to work

The confrontation between Zelensky and the head of the Constitutional Court has reached its climax.

Yarosh caught Poroshenko on the plane and the airport in Amsterdam. Video and interesting facts from the life of the "hunter" for the ex-president

The ex-president of Ukraine escaped as best he could.