Alexander Shevchenko

The CEC recognized the "servant of the people" as the winner in the by-elections in the 87th district: Virastyuk passes to the Rada

Judging by the data, 15 people voted for Virastyuk, as a result, it is he who enters parliament

Everyone is to blame, all traitors: Zvirobiy was upset that Koshulinsky did not win the elections in the 87th district

She does not like that the inhabitants of this region voted for Alexander Shevchenko

"Servant of the People" and "For the Future" in unison announced the victory of their candidates in the elections in the 87th district

Ex-People's Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk noted that today "information, legal and court slaughter" awaits us

Zelensky’s bar: “Servant of the people” nominated strongman Virastyuk for by-elections to the Rada

Of course, Vasya - who doesn't know him