Alexander Dugin

Fake with the death of Natalia Vovk: why did a newspaper close to the Chancellor of Austria need to "produce fakes" about the death of the killer Daria Dugina?

The killer of Darya Dugina was not only “found”, but already buried - at least, this is reported by the Austrian edition. True, many have already stated that such information clearly looks like a fake.

The FSB accused the Ukrainian special services of the death of Daria Dugina: all the details

According to the Russian Federation, the explosion of the car was "prepared and committed by the Ukrainian special services."

The death of Darya Dugina: all the details of a car accident near Moscow, what they say in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

In the Moscow region, the daughter of the famous Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin, Daria, died. It is reported that Dugin himself was supposed to be in the car where the woman was.