11 July 2020 15: 49
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Mendel responded to the “duck” about her pregnancy from Zelensky: video

"Powderbots" dispersed rumors that she is breaking up the president's family

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Mendel responded to the duck about her pregnancy from Zelensky: video

Press Secretary of the President of Ukraine Yulia Mendel recorded a video in which she indirectly commented on the “duck” about her pregnancy from the head of state.

The video appeared on her social media page on July 11.

“Read, think and remember: you are what you use. Especially when it comes to information. Respect others, and most importantly, respect yourself,” Mendel said.

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Mendel responded to the duck about her pregnancy from Zelensky: video - photo 1

Mendel responded with a photo to rumors from “powderbots” about pregnancy and an affair with Zelensky


As Klymenko Time reported, one of those who spreads information about the novel by Mendel and Zelensky is the founder of the political movement in support of Petro Poroshenko "25%", "powder bot" Roman Revedzhuk.

In addition, the leader of the 5.10 party, Gennady Balashov, also attributed a love affair for Zelensky and the press secretary.




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