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23 December 2021 11: 25
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Nuclear Stefanchuk: Speaker of the Rada believes that Russia can turn Ukraine into a second Hiroshima

Injection taken to a new level

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Nuclear Stefanchuk: Speaker of the Rada believes that Russia can turn Ukraine into a second Hiroshima

The injection continues. For more than a month they have been scaring us with a war with Russia, and now the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk stated that the President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin can use all methods, up to nuclear weapons. These words were spoken at the conference "Diplomacy 30. Strategy of a Strong State".

Stefanchuk mentioned that 30 years ago Ukraine was the third nuclear power in the world. We gave up our potential after the signing of the Budapest Memorandum. And now the guarantees of the treaty do not work and we have nothing to oppose to a stronger opponent.

“Today, Russia, which, let me remind you, has become the guarantor of nuclear disarmament, is hinting that if we continue our democratic development, then it can even deliver a nuclear strike to us. None of the guarantees given to us in 1996 work. We were left practically defenseless against the nuclear threat.” - says the speaker.

At the same time, Western countries will not help us. Stefanchuk recalled how relatively calmly the United States and the European Union reacted to the annexation of Crimea in 2014. And now the maximum that awaits Russia in the event of military aggression is another package of sanctions.

Apparently, the head of the Rada does not fully understand what a nuclear strike is and what are its consequences. It is one thing to bombard Hiroshima, located on another continent, and quite another - a country that is right next to you. An attack on Ukraine will definitely affect neighboring Russian regions. Does Stefanchuk seriously think that Putin will risk the life and health of his citizens in order to stop our European integration?

Meanwhile, there are many people who believe him. It's one thing when a journalist will say the same for a red word, and quite another - the official representative of the state. Judging by the posts on social networks, some users of Ukraine are seriously excited. They monitor the news, share maps of Kyiv bomb shelters and discuss what they will do in case of war. Why scare them even more?

Probably, the Ukrainian government has some benefit from such rhetoric. For example, push real problems into the background and replace them with phantom fears. Or portray competence, hiding personnel helplessness. However, this is quite cruel towards its own citizens.

Meanwhile the list of professions for women liable for military service has been expanded to 35 positions. Check it out, you might also need to register.

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