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03 May 2020 17: 33

“Only hard quarantine!” An interesting video surfaced with the mayor of Cherkasy

For a month and a half, Bondarenko changed his position

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“Only hard quarantine!” An interesting video surfaced with the mayor of Cherkasy

In mid-March, the mayor of Cherkasy did not question the need for a strict quarantine.

So, in his video message, which was recorded on March 14, Bondarenko spoke about the need to introduce strict quarantine measures, close small and medium-sized businesses and urged people to stay at home.

And this despite the fact that the first cases of COVID-19 in the Cherkasy region began to be recorded only on the 20th of March. And at that time, no one could predict how the situation with the coronavirus would develop in Ukraine, and whether our country needed strict quarantine.

Recall that the executive committee of the Cherkasy City Council made an independent decision to mitigate quarantine measures, in connection with which Anatoly Bondarenko entered into a public conflict with the central government.

Earlier, Klymenko Time reported that the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk supported the mayor of Cherkasy.

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