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03 November 2022 16: 15
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The topic of negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow has returned to the world agenda, who needs it?

Launching a negotiation process, especially in a situation where the parties to the conflict are frankly not ready for it, is a very complicated matter and requires outstanding diplomatic skills.

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The topic of negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow has returned to the world agenda, who needs it?

Recently, the statements of world leaders and politicians that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Russian leader Vladimir Putin should be brought to the negotiating table. This trend became especially noticeable when Russia announced the suspension of the "grain corridor". But also after the intervention of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and seemingly successful resolution of the issue, calls for negotiations do not cease to sound.

Negotiation and the principle of justice

Thus, the head of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani believes it is necessary as soon as possible negotiate between presidents RF and Ukraine.

"The goal should be an agreement, a meeting between Putin and Zelensky so that they can sit down at the negotiating table", Tajani said in ether channel "Canal 5".

He also stressed that the world community should rely on on the principle of justice.

"Justice means upholding the territorial integrity of Ukraine", - the diplomat explained what exactly he means by the "principle of justice".

Scholz wants to find a common language with Putin

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz changed his position towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and now advocates finding a common language with the Russian leader. This was stated by the President of Turkey in an interview with A-Haber TV channel. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, quotes the words of the Turkish President newspaper (Sabah.

"The diplomacy of leaders is critical to solving problems. Even German Chancellor Scholz took a completely different position towards Putin a month ago. Now he has changed his position towards Russia and is in favor of finding a common language"- said Erdogan.

True, the German government denied the words of the President of Turkey, сообщает Deutsche Welle, noting that chancellor of germany still believes that Putin must withdraw troops from Ukraine and start peace talks, Berlin said. But, as we know, Erdogan just doesn’t say anything, which means that he knows more than he voices. Moreover, in a clarification from the German government, too there are negotiations.

By the way, speaking about the changes in Scholz's position, the President of Turkey recalled that during the summit European Political Community in Prague he tried to convey EU leaderswhat im you need to change your attitude towards Vladimir Putin. According to Erdogan, European politicians have misconception about the actions of the Russian president.

Who else talked about the negotiations in the last week

Former Chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Pierre Lelouch warned Europe against a military escalation with Russia. According to him, the risk of a direct conflict between the North Atlantic bloc and Russia increases as the dialogue fades, he said in an interview. Le Figaro.

That Western military assistance hinders the negotiation process ex-premier of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

"Ukraine would agree to negotiations if the West curtailed military assistance and promised hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild its cities," - he noted.

Even the Western media started talking about détente and a window of opportunity for negotiations. Indeed, more in terms of dialogue between Moscow and Washington.

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius She urged Biden to talks on Ukraine. In his text, the journalist emphasizes the need for major negotiations between the Kremlin and the White Houseshe says, she "blatantly obvious".

“Biden should repeat proposals to limit missile deployment, share information about military exercises and avoid escalation of the situation. Peace talks must be launched urgently so that the conflict in Ukraine does not turn into something worse,”  Ignatius wrote.

And what about Ukraine and Russia?

President Vladimir Zelensky в interview Czech TV channel Ceska televize stated that Ukraine agrees to negotiations with Russia about the further coexistence of countries when the Russian Federation will withdraw its troops.

"Just leaving the territory, they (Russia. - Ed.) may say: let's find, if not a compromise, then a solution of what our coexistence will look like for the next hundred years. Or I don't know otherwise, — said the Ukrainian leader.

And the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the hope that Ukraine will still agree to negotiations, about it said official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova.

"We are still waiting for clear, unambiguous signals from the Kyiv regime about its desire to resume the negotiation process, taking into account the new territorial realities and the situation on the ground", - she said.

Zakharova said that Moscow "has always been committed to diplomatic methods of conflict resolution" and ready to negotiate. However their implementation is hindered by Ukrainian legislation, which blocked this possibility.

This statement by Zakharova was answered, oddly enough, in Ukrainian Center for Counteracting Disinformation, in their opinion, the topic of negotiations is actively promoted exclusively by the Russian side.

"Specialists of the CPD record the progress of the topic of negotiations on Russia and directly to Putin and the active support of officials and the media of Russia. He also said that Russia is ready to wait for peace negotiations with Ukraine and called it "good will." Statements on the negotiations sound very loud, but Russia insists that negotiations should take place on their terms", - reported in the Center.

According to the JRC specialists, such statements aimed at Western audiencesto show the world that Ukraine does not want to end the war, in addition, through the negotiation process, Russia plans to suspend hostilities in order to build up military potential.

"The only condition for possible negotiations with Russia is an immediate cessation of the war against Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops outside the border of Ukrainian territories as of 1991", the CPD said in a statement.

In general, this state of affairs suggests that to directly the parties did not approach the negotiation process not a millimetre. These are regular talking about negotiations, which periodically arise, rather, in order to show the world community that attempts to call the conflicting parties to dialogue are being made, but alas, all in vain. Besides, topic of peace talks and supposedly mediating them quite a useful tool during certain political periods, such as the approaching US congressional elections.

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