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10 December 2021 10: 56
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The United States imposed sanctions against the former head of the CCU Tupitsky and lawyer Portnov. And these are the main corrupt officials of the country?

It would be more logical if Akhmetov and Kolomoisky were hit, but the States know how to surprise

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The United States imposed sanctions against the former head of the CCU Tupitsky and lawyer Portnov. And these are the main corrupt officials of the country?

As you know, Ukraine may impose sanctions on its own citizens - just remember the leader of the Opposition Platform for Life Viktor Medvedchuk and his wife Oksana Marchenko. But against the ex-head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Alexander Tupitsky, as well as a lawyer and former adviser to Viktor Yanukovych Andrey Portnov used heavy artillery. The United States imposed a ban on their assets.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken saidthat Tupitsky was involved in major corruption deals:

"Oleksandr Tupytsky, former President of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, [was sanctioned] for significant acts of corruption, including accepting monetary bribes in the course of his work in the Ukrainian judiciary. Tupitsky's wife, Olga Tupitskaya, is also sanctioned."

Portnov, in turn, is accused of interfering in the work of Ukrainian courts and trying to derail reforms.

"Widely known as a litigator, Portnov has been rightfully accused of using his influence to bribe access and decision-making in Ukrainian courts, as well as undermining reform efforts. As of 2019, Portnov has taken steps to control the Ukrainian judiciary, influencing relevant legislation, sought to appoint loyal officials to the highest judicial positions and uphold judicial decisions", - it says on the site Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury.

Tupitsky and his family were shocked by the news. The judge doubts if this is a fake from the Office of the President. Portnov was not particularly surprised, but emphasized that he opposed the external management of the country, because of which, in his opinion, sanctions are imposed on Ukrainians.

Measures against these two politicians really look more than strange. The Treasury Department recently announced a response to individuals "engaged in malicious activities that destroy democracy and democratic institutions around the world and include corruption, repression, organized crime and serious violations of human rights," reports Reuters. Many thought that the billionaire would be hit Igor Kolomoisky, whose name is associated with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky и against which the West has recently launched a political campaign. But Tupitsky and Portnov are an unexpected decision. Or not?

Portnov knowingly mentioned external management. The pressure on the former head of the Constitutional Court and the lawyer should be considered in this context. As we know, the United States is rushing Ukraine with judicial reform in order to quickly subdue the Ukrainian law enforcement system. Probably, the sanctions against people involved in this area are a direct hint that it is time to do something. By the way, apparently, the issue with Tupitsky was agreed with the Office of the President: there were talks about the impact on him from the United States back in the summer.

Meanwhile, Zelensky and the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry pretend that nothing happened. And the head of the OP Andrey Ermak on the air of the TV channel "1 + 1" expressed his approval of the sanctions. And this despite the fact that after this usually follows either a serious conversation between the leaders of states, or a break in diplomatic relations. However, if a country is not independent, it is not able to protect its own citizens.

We previously reported about the negotiations between Zelensky and Biden, as well as about the ship of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that reached the Kerch Strait.

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