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17 December 2021 17: 00
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The Rada failed to vote on postponing the introduction of PPO. Small business is over?

Most of the deputies did not appear in parliament in principle.

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The Rada failed to vote on postponing the introduction of PPO. Small business is over?

The Verkhovna Rada failed to vote on bill No. 6376, despite the fact that under the windows of the building entrepreneurs have been rallying for days. Although the majority chose the "yes" option, only 102 votes were received. Several parliamentarians opposed, some abstained, and most simply did not show up for work.

The Rada failed to vote on postponing the introduction of PPO. Small business is over? - photo 1

Source: screenshot from video

In Kiev large-scale protests due to the fact that throughout Ukraine they want to oblige businesses to use cash registers on a single tax. Project No. 6376 provides for a one-year delay. This happened in 2020, and now history is repeating itself. The initiators of the law want to postpone the introduction of the registrar of settlement transactions (RPO) in order to develop measures that will suit everyone.

Journalists who are in Verkhovna Rada report that the People's Deputy Anna Skorokhod, who collected signatures for holding an extraordinary meeting, is upset. She called the vote a shame in front of entrepreneurs and people who came from all over Ukraine to defend their interests, and also added that our state is falling apart.

"Everyone stayed and waited after the meeting. What did the 'servants' do? They took a break for 30 minutes, many people had meetings. Not only did all the 'servants' leave, but also many of the opposition could not stay," Skorokhod says.

Yesterday, by the way, more than 170 signatures were collected. Why many signatories refused to vote is a mystery. It is possible that not by choice.

Head of "OLE" Yuriy Boyko said that his party members are ready to give up mandates so that the constitutional majority falls apart and that people elect new deputies. "This parliament has exhausted itself, it has no future," - he states.

From January 1, 2022, everyone will use cash registers, including sole proprietors. It's getting hot outside as protesters make noise and clash with police.

In the meantime, the people are desperately resisting the new norms, it is not known why they brought an orchestra to the Rada.

"War, plague, devastation, the end of the world - what are you talking about? Violins, cellos, notes ... I don't quite understand, is this some other planet? Not the one on which people live?", - the people's deputy is indignant Maxim Buzhansky.

We previously reported that Leshchenko's wife is going to perform in Moscow again. She can, but others can't.

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