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20 May 2020 14: 24
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“There is nothing to catch at the local elections in Cherkassy”: Bondarenko answered Zelensky harshly

The mayor said he was waiting for the president's visit

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There is nothing to catch at the local elections in Cherkasy: Bondarenko answered Zelensky harshly

The mayor of Cherkassy Anatoly Bondarenko replied to President Volodymyr Zelensky, who at a press conference on May 20 call his bandit.

Bondarenko published the corresponding video message on Facebook.

"He says that the mayor of Cherkasy is not fighting the coronavirus epidemic enough. So I would like to say: Mr. President, I was here during the epidemic, with the residents of Cherkassy. I would like to ask you, where were you in 2013-2014, when I was on the Maidan and defended the independence of the Ukrainian people, when you danced at corporate parties?" - said the mayor.

He added that the opening of criminal cases against him is connected with his political activities.

"Those criminal cases against me are open for my political activities. Including for the fact that you became president.

"I am standing here near the monument to the Fighters for the Freedom of Ukraine and I will stand to the end, no matter how many greetings you give me, I want to tell you that you have nothing to catch in the local elections in Cherkassy. We are waiting for you here, Mr. President."- summed up Bondarenko.

Recall that earlier in one of his appeals to the President Anatoly Bondarenko Advised Zelensky to imprison corrupt officials and his fellow party members.

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