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13 May 2022 18: 15
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Khmelnytsky, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Odessa regions: important information for residents of these regions

Collected relevant information from different parts of our country.

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Khmelnytsky, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Odessa regions: important information for residents of these regions

In the Odessa region, anti-personnel mines were installed on the beaches, in Kamyanets-Podilsky they stop the centralized supply of hot water for the summer period, and in the territory of the Khmelnytsky region they banned the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons in military uniform. Klymenko Time collected the most relevant and fresh information for residents of various regions of our country.

Khmelnitsky region

Head of the Khmelnitsky Regional Military Administration Sergey Gamaly amended the order in force during martial law on the territory of the Khmelnytsky region. In particular, the changes relate to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

According to the order of the head of the Khmelnytsky regional military district, in the territory of the region the sale of alcoholic beverages was banned to persons in military uniform or with the existing signs of difference between military formations, territorial defense forces, volunteer formations of the territorial community and law enforcement agencies.

Recall that at the end of April, the total ban on the sale of alcohol, which had been in force since the first days of martial law in Ukraine, was lifted in the region. In particular, alcohol can be sold in retail chains from 10:00 to 17:00, and in restaurants from 10:00 to 21:00.

In the Khmelnitsky region, IT specialists have created chatbot for posting vacancies for job search in the field. According to the press service of the Khmelnytsky Regional State Administration, job search is an urgent request among the IDPs.

Chatbot for employers — "Search for workers in the Khmelnytsky region". Telegram channel for people looking for a job - "Work in the Khmelnytsky region".

In Kamenetz-Podolsky from May 15 stop the centralized supply of hot water for the summer period. This was told in the municipal enterprise "Gorteplovodenergia". As representatives of the enterprise explained, the service of hot water supply is too unprofitable. In particular, due to the fact that during transportation from boiler houses and thermal power plants to the house, up to 74% of thermal energy is lost. And also because of the relatively small volumes of sales of hot water - up to 12 thousand cubic meters per month.

Also in social networks and on various forums, Ukrainians discuss problems and share where you can fill up cars. However, the authorities of Kamyanets-Podilskyi in the Khmelnitsky region ask the townspeople not to disseminate such information. About it сообщил mayor of Kamenets Mikhail Positko.

He asks the people of the city do not report which gas stations have fuel, and do not discuss local gas stations online. “Remember that such public information on the network can be in the hands of the enemy”, - stressed the mayor.

Rovenskaya region

Carriers will be allowed raise fares in the Rivne region. As the head of the department of infrastructure and industry of the Rivne Regional State Administration said Fedor Misyura, the main reason for the rise in fares are problems with fuel: “Travel will rise in price throughout Ukraine, on all routes. When we coordinated the current tariffs, the cost of a liter of fuel was 26 hryvnias. Now it is very difficult to take fuel even for 45 hryvnias. In fact, there is a situation that there is either no fuel at all, or it is very expensive.”

The fare in the region will be raised for three months, so that when the situation normalizes, it will be possible to reduce it.

As the chairman of the Rivne OVA said Vitaly Koval, because of the shortage of fuel, the authorities will inform people twice a day where gas stations still have fuel left. Every day, the Rivne Regional Military Administration will inform at 9 and 18 o'clock where fuel is left at the regional gas station.

Chernivtsi region

Ukrainians affected by the war can receive free consultations from doctors, examinations and medicines. Volunteers of the International Humanitarian Organization Samaritan's Purse in Chernivtsi продолжают help in a well-equipped mobile hospital.

Adults and children can get help in the mobile hospital. There is also an opportunity to take tests. The hospital operates in the Campus on Heavenly Hundred Street daily from 8:00 to 18:00.

Recall that recently the head of the Chernivtsi Regional Military Administration Sergey Osachuk signed an order obliging residents of the region of military age should always carry a number of documents with them. Now they must submit documents for verification to representatives of the National Police, the National Guard and the Military Law Enforcement Service.

“During martial law, citizens of military age must always carry identification documents with them. They also need to carry with them a certificate of registration to the recruiting station, a military ID or a temporary certificate of a person liable for military service”, - the order says.

Odessa region

On the beaches of the Yuzhnenskaya community planted anti-personnel mines. People are asked not to walk along the coast. About it сообщили in the Yuzhne city council. The mayor's office noted that the ammunition reacts to pedestrians: anti-personnel mines were added to anti-tank mines. Therefore, they can detonate.

“The military warns of additional measures to protect the sandy strip of the coastal territory. It is strictly forbidden to move on the sand! Anti-personnel mines have been added to anti-tank mines, which react to pedestrians, ” - the report says.

In Belgorod-Dnestrovsky there is no fuel left for refueling special equipment and regular buses because of the excitement among local drivers. Mayor of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky announced the scale and causes of the problem Vitaly Grazhdan.

He explained that due to complaints from local residents to the management of Ukrnafta, gas stations in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Britovka and Salgany stopped leaving fuel reserves for special equipment of the military, emergency services, public utilities and carriers. As soon as stocks were released for sale, they were snapped up almost immediately by drivers.

“I understand that everyone needs gasoline and diesel fuel. However, you made it impossible to refuel special equipment at gas stations, which may further undermine the work of the city’s public services,” - the mayor was indignant and added that the fuel reserves of the city services would be enough for only a few days of public transport operation.

Vitaliy Grazhdan also said that he began to be informed about suburban gas stations that turn off the scoreboard and start selling fuel for 80-100 UAH, neglecting the restrictions established by the Cabinet of Ministers. Both issues have already been addressed. Vitaliy Grazhdan promised to apply to the Odesa OVA and help prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

In the border areas of the Odessa region began to operate regime restrictions. About it сообщили in the press service of the Izmail border detachment. The new rules apply to zones located 500 meters from the state border line.

From now on, in a certain area, it is forbidden to find watercraft and fishing vessels, with the exception of:

  • time from 07:00 to 19:00 in sections from 18 km of the Starostambulsky mouth to 22 km of the river. Danube, 14 km of Ochakovsky along 18 km of the river. Danube, from 0 km to 12 km of the Solomon branch, from 32 km to 54 km of the Kiliya mouth, from 48 km to 50 km of the Danube, from 60 km to 81 km of the Danube, from 100 km to 48 miles of the river. Danube, from 56 miles to 70 miles of the river. Danube;
  • ships of the fishing industry fleet in the presence of permits;
  • vessels visiting enterprises and organizations on the islands of Istanbul, Ankudinov, Kuban, Kuban, Ochakovsky, Mashenka, Katenka, Maly Daler, Bolshoi Daler, Maly Tataru, Yermak;

In all cases, the crew of the vessel must inform the units of the State Border Service about their movement 30 minutes before departure and upon return. Reliable means of communication must be installed on board.

It is also prohibited in the border areas:

  • entry of people, with the exception of the local population and people working in the specified territory, owners of land plots, transit crossings, people who are visiting relatives and have a notarized invitation;
  • conducting work, except for agricultural, construction and those that need to be carried out to eliminate the consequences of a natural disaster and foci of especially dangerous infectious diseases;
  • recreation, fishing, hunting and grazing;
  • congestion of vehicles (more than two), stops on the roadsides for more than 20 minutes (not related to technical malfunctions);
  • transportation in vehicles of weapons and any means of active defense without appropriate permits;
  • use of night vision devices, thermal imaging equipment, radio stations;
  • use of aircraft.

The restrictions do not apply to representatives of military formations, civil protection authorities, public utilities, and emergency medical services.

Also by order of the head of the OVA Maksim Marchenko from May 14 in Odessa and Odessa region sale of all types of alcoholic beverages is allowed in the period from 9:00 to 18:00.

At the same time, the sale of alcoholic beverages to military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, as well as representatives of military formations and law enforcement agencies remains under a strict ban. We remind you that due to the war, the sale of alcoholic beverages in the Odessa region was prohibited. From April 1, Maksim Marchenko allowed the sale of alcohol with an alcohol content of up to 30% to the population from 9:00 to 15:00. The military and law enforcement officers were prohibited from selling any alcohol.

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