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11 October 2021 12: 03
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Hypanul for ten years? Kivu accused of treason for congratulating Putin

Fortunately, so far only colleagues.

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Hypanul for ten years? Kivu accused of treason for congratulating Putin

Recently we were worried about the people's deputy Ilya Kivuwho congratulated too sincerely Vladimir Putin happy Birthday. And so, our fears were justified: the party Vitali Klitschko "UDAR" demands that a member of the Opposition Platform for Life should be tried under the article on high treason.

To be honest, there is nothing completely seditious in congratulating Kiva. He wished Vladimir Vladimirovich good health, admired his professionalism and declared that the Russian nation is friendly to the Ukrainian one. Not a word about Crimea and Donbass. However, these words made a strong impression on "BLOW". Its head Arthur Palatny signed a statement addressed to the leaders of the SBU, ГБР and the GPU with a request to open criminal proceedings.

"Over 7 years of hostilities in the east of Ukraine, the total number of human losses amounted to 42 - 500 people. More than 44 million Ukrainians were registered as internally displaced persons. Responsibility for this, as well as for the annexation and temporary occupation of the territories of Ukraine, is personally Vladimir Putin - Commander-in-Chief of the Troops of the Russian Federation - said in a statement.

I wonder where the authors took such figures. Usually we are talking about 13-15 thousand dead in the Donbas, and two-thirds of them are residents of uncontrolled territories. However, okay, it's not about that.

"Therefore, the video published on the official telegram channel of MP Ilya Kiva, in which he greets Putin on his birthday against the backdrop of the state flags of Ukraine, can be interpreted solely as treason," - sums up the author.

We think that this event will not be successful. Kiva's congratulations objectively do not draw on treason. He did not spy for Russia, did not help the government of the Russian Federation to conduct subversive activities on the territory of Ukraine, and did not even defect to the enemy side, because, as stated in Article 111 of the Criminal Code, going over to the side of the enemy in wartime or in a combat situation is "entry to serve in the enemy army, participation in hostilities on the side of the enemy in order to help a foreign state in the fight against Ukraine.

So it is unlikely that the deputy will be imprisoned for 10 years. But the mandate can be deprived. At least, Palatny is actively calling for this.

By the way, since colleagues took up Kivu, they should have condemned incorrect behavior Alexey Goncharenko in the Verkhovna Rada. But, as you can see, it's different.

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