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05 November 2021 11: 39
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Drobovich suggested that Ukraine be "vaccinated against totalitarianism" and stop giving socks on October 14

In a recent interview, the head of the UINP discussed the most burning issues: how to make people celebrate October 14, how to defeat the legacy of totalitarianism, and how to teach the people of Donbass the right history

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Drobovich suggested that Ukraine be vaccinated against totalitarianism and stop giving socks on October 14

Director of the Institute of National Remembrance Anton Drobovich continues to teach Ukrainians how to relate to a particular historical event. In his opinion, gifts for October 14 are given due to a "lack of creativity", and the population needs not only anti-coronavirus vaccination, but also an inoculation against totalitarianism.

В fresh interview for "Glavkom" Drobovich discussed the topic already familiar to us with the "Russification" of Babi Yar, and also shared his ambitious plans. He wants to achieve recognition of the Holodomor around the world. However, the artificiality of the famine of the 1930s raises questions among the world community.

"If you analyze the UN resolution, you will find documents condemning the Nazi regime. But you will not find a single decision condemning communism. Not a single one! And these are totalitarian regimes commensurate in terms of the amount of evil committed. According to scientists, the communist regime in the USSR lost 20 million people ".

What kind of scientists these were, Anton Eduardovich does not specify. But, in his opinion, there is only one reason why communism has not yet been recognized as the worst crime in the history of mankind: the existence of Russia and China, which have the right to "veto" in the UN.

In addition to popularizing the Holodomor, Drobovich dreams of opening a "mecca of Sovietology" - a single archive of the UINP, which unites under one roof the criminal cases of the USSR stored in the SBU, the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Russian FSB. But for this they do not provide enough funding. Moreover, the main "pests" are the people's deputy from the "Servant of the People" Daniil Getmantsev and deputies of the Opposition Platform for Life.

“I have been fighting for the allocation of money for these works for two years now. We need UAH 680 million to complete everything. Next year, 100 million should be allocated, but there are also opponents of access to the truth, for example, deputy Daniil Getmantsev or people’s deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life. They oppose such funding and hinder the construction of the archive. It seems that they do not want the crimes of communism to come to light."

Drobovich is confident that the activities of his Institute contribute to peace with the Donbass. True, he refuses to accept the view of the inhabitants of the "LDNR" on history. The desire of local residents to rename Donetsk to Stalino, and Lugansk to Voroshilovgrad, Anton Eduardovich called "schizophrenia", which is fueled by the Russian Federation.

“Of course, there are a certain number of people with sentiments about the Soviet times among the local residents, but it is obvious that all this is fueled by Russia to a greater extent. It is not for nothing that she adopted the “Soviet braces”, “submarated” them a little and actively uses <... > We, Ukrainians, need to be vaccinated not only against covid, but also against totalitarianism too."

It is noticeable that Drobovich explains any pressing problem with the "totalitarian past." In particular, he connects with Soviet traditions that people do not understand how to celebrate the holiday on October 14th. For example, they can give small gifts to men they know in the old fashioned way, which, according to the director of the UINP, is not worth doing.

"This is, first of all, the lack of creativity and sometimes understanding among those who create new narratives <...> We need to either restore the practices that were before (but there are no wide practices for celebrating this date), or create new ones. As you know, sacred no place is empty, therefore, where nothing has been created, Soviet traditions willingly creep through.

We dare to assume that attempts to "create practices" will not bring success. Artificially created holidays do not resonate with the population. And Ukraine is no exception here. In Russia, too, they are not particularly eager to celebrate November 4 instead of the 7th.

We previously wrote that in Kyiv, a monument to the Hedgehog in the fog was dumped. How did the harmless cartoon character prevent the inhabitants of the capital?

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