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07 August 2020 11: 48
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"I didn't give up!" There was a stir in the network around the last post of the son of Viktor Pavlik, who died of cancer

Pavel did not give up until the last

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I didn't give up! There was a stir in the network around the last post of the son of Viktor Pavlik, who died of cancer

On June 29, the son of Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik, Pavel, posted on Facebook about his battle with cancer. The 21-year-old boy said he was not going to give up before the disease.

Today, August 7, Ukrainians learned that Pavel Pavlik died from bone cancer. Under the aforementioned post, netizens began writing comments of grief and support for the parents.

"The very first and most important thing: I did not give up" Many wrote to me that I should not give up, that I should believe in curability, - wrote the guy.

He noted that he was going to continue to fight cancer despite the fact that chemotherapy did not help, and Pavlik's family and he himself did not see the point in trying "alternative" methods of treatment.

“18 courses of chemotherapy… This thing poisons both diseased cells and healthy ones, and of course it greatly suppresses the immune system… Therefore, the doctors and parents and I decided to give the immune system an opportunity to renew itself and begin to take part in the destruction of the disease itself,” - the post says.

In addition, Pavel thanked all the people who supported him on social networks, as well as friends and relatives who reminded him “for what it is worth fighting and living for.”

Comments under Pavel Pavlik's post after his death.

Pavlik's death

Source: Facebook

Pavlik's death

Source: Facebook

Recall that the illness of the son of Viktor Pavlik became known in August 2018. Then his legs began to be taken away, the doctors discovered a neoplasm, later he was diagnosed with bone cancer.

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