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25 June 2020 10: 02
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Destroyed houses, destroyed roads: a new video of flooded villages in Western Ukraine has appeared

Locals cut off from civilization

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Destroyed houses, destroyed roads: a new video of flooded villages in Western Ukraine has appeared

People in Bukovina and Prykarpattya found themselves in a hopeless situation due to a large-scale flood that destroyed thousands of households and hundreds of villages.

News from the scene reported "TSN".

According to information, in the village of Streletsky Ugol near Chernivtsi, due to overflowing rivers, even a short downpour aggravated the situation. Due to the current, dozens of fallen trees were brought to the village, which smashed cars, fences and houses.

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“They can’t get drunk”: the network told about the real causes of the flood in the Carpathian region

On the night of June 25, water from the Prut River began to take Chernivtsi under water as well. It is reported that the large city Kalinovsky bazaar had to be closed, because the sellers "buried" all the goods.

Water has been flooding Bukovina for the third day. Judging by the data, due to serious damage, several settlements were left without electricity and even gas.

The local government plans to demand compensation from the state budget.

"The downpours brought a huge amount of swamp, mud to the village of Revnoye and Streltsky Ugol, and actually destroyed the normal life of people. We will demand and ask for compensation for these losses for people," - said the head of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Serhiy Osachuk.

It is noted that the rise in the water level in the Prut River will reach a maximum on June 25 in the evening, and then will decline.

Losses in the Carpathians

From a bird's eye view, you can see how about three hundred villages were flooded in the Carpathian region. Crops are destroyed, houses and barns are destroyed, and households are flooded.

There is no gas supply, electricity supply, since the supports fell, there is a short circuit. Two streams completely changed their course and went to the village", - said the head of the village Lanchin Vladimir Popovich.

Local residents are sure that it is not the elements that are to blame, but the people themselves.

"Well, they cut it down, but they cut down the forest at the top. The forest is taken out in tons, one fir takes 15 tons of water and absorbs it," - citizens say.

According to information, the flood destroyed hundreds of kilometers of roads and damaged ninety bridges. In addition, the only railway communication between Prykarpattya and Transcarpathia remained destroyed.

“We sent equipment, heavy equipment, excavators, bulldozers there. According to localized those landslides. Gave people the opportunity to travel. The main problem was in Mykulychyn, when a piece of rock with such large boulders meter by meter blocked 50 meters of the road," - said the founder of "Bukovel", People's Deputy Alexander Shevchenko.

It is known that officials arrive in the Carpathian region to assess the losses. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov handed over 4 helicopters to the Ivano-Frankivsk region so that rescuers could reach people.

Recall that on June 24 in the Ivano-Frankivsk region flood caused flooding of dozens of settlements, including the well-known resort of Bukovel.

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