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26 November 2021 10: 45
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They want to change the sex of the "motherland" and turn it into Archangel Michael. How far will decommunization go?

Will the world's first transgender monument be erected in Kyiv?

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Motherland wants to change sex and turn it into Archangel Michael. How far will decommunization go?

A new day - a new idea for decommunization. This time a certain citizen proposed once and for all to resolve the issue with the "Motherland" in Kyiv. Since the statue cannot be dismantled, it must be turned ... into Archangel Michael, the patron saint of the city.

Recall that "Motherland" is a unique monumental sculpture located on the right bank of Kyiv. A formidable 102-meter woman holds a sword in her right hand, and a shield with a hammer and sickle in her left. The monument is so high that it can be seen even from the suburbs of the capital. There is even a version that it can withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake and can be preserved in good condition for up to 150 years.

This is one of the reasons why "Motherland" is still standing. According to the official version, the statue is not subject to decommunization, since it is part of the museum complex. However, there have been rumors in the press for almost 8 years that they are about to do something with the "Motherland" - they will change into an embroidered shirt, remove the Soviet coat of arms from the shield, or completely demolish it.

The November 24 petition proposes a more recent idea - to change the floor of the statue. The author explains that "Motherland" "does not meet the modern political and ideological requirements of our society," while the militant Archangel Michael has been considered the defender of Kyiv since ancient times. You won’t need to do anything special: just remove the chest from the steel woman, replace the hammer and sickle with a trident and attach the wings behind her back.

“Since this woman looks quite masculine, and also holds a shield and a sword in her hands, it will not be difficult to turn her into a statue of Archangel Michael, the patron of our city. To this end, remove her chest, replace the Soviet coat of arms with the coat of arms of Kyiv and mount the wings. If additional funds are found - make the wings movable so that they sway under the influence of the wind, - reads the text of the petition.

I must say that the implementation of this idea would require a crazy amount and a lot of time. Director of the Institute of National Memory Anton Drobovich in one of the interviews for the Ukrainian media говорилthat just dismantling the coat of arms will require government permission, money from patrons and a whole year of work. One can only guess what titanic efforts will be needed to melt the chest and create wings.

The petition did not cause a stir. At the moment, she has collected only 11 signatures. But even if tens of thousands of people subscribe to it, it is unlikely that anyone will seriously consider the initiative. However, it is symptomatic. In the heat of decommunization, some of our compatriots want to destroy the legacy of the past, but do not understand that in modern Ukraine there are neither funds, nor specialists, nor schools to offer a worthy alternative. As a result, there are dozens, if not hundreds of empty pedestals around the country, and the surviving sculptures are often can't even restore it properlynot to mention creating something of your own.

Recently, by the way, a monument to the letter "Ї" made of reinforcement was opened in the Ternopil region. Judge for yourself, how well did it work.

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