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08 October 2022 17: 16
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Sabotage is suspected: train traffic was paralyzed in Germany for three hours

and in northern Germany on the morning of October 8, long-distance Deutsche Bahn trains were paralyzed for three hours.

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Sabotage is suspected: train traffic was paralyzed in Germany for three hours

In the north of Germany, on the morning of October 8, railway traffic was stopped due to damage to cable lines responsible for dispatching communications. This is reported spiegel.

Due to the incident, trains of types ICE, IC and EC were forced to stop, and regional trains also stopped in Lower Saxony and Bremen. Within a few hours, the network was fixed, but Deutsche Bahn warned that technical failures could still occur during the day.

A spokesperson for the company said the cause was physical damage to cables that are critical to train traffic, and that the relevant authorities have launched an investigation.

Several railroad sources confirmed to reporters that the damage was to the GSM-R radio network, which provides communication between dispatchers and drivers and the transmission of other data. It has been compared to the "interface" between trains and infrastructure.

According to unofficial information of the publication, received from sources in law enforcement agencies, unknown people damaged the cable on the Berlin-Krakow line, and a very similar damage was found near Dortmund. Whether the actions of the attackers are connected is now being investigated.

According to the interlocutors, for such sabotage, you need to have information about the railway and understand how it works.

We have previously tolde details of the strike on the Crimean bridge. 

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