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25 September 2020 12: 40
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The vast majority of parishes abroad of the UOC-KP remained with Filaret

They refuse to pass under the jurisdiction of Constantinople

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The vast majority of parishes abroad of the UOC-KP remained with Filaret

Up to 70% of the foreign parishes of the former UOC-KP refuse to go under the jurisdiction of Constantinople and remain with Patriarch Filaret.

The overwhelming majority of parishes of the UOC-KP stayed with Filaret - photo 1

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This was reported lawyer of the Kyiv Patriarchate Neonila Tkachenko В Facebook.

According to her, further work with parishes abroad is complicated by the diplomatic factor.

- About 70% of such parishes remain in the UOC-KP and under no circumstances go to the Church of Constantinople, despite all attempts to transfer them. Following the example of one of the parishes, we prepared a letter to the State Service for Religious and Ethnopolitics, where we conveyed information about the need to legalize these parishes, she said.

According to her, similar letters will go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and to the diplomatic missions of the states in which these parishes are located. Therefore, the UOC-KP asks to send to the legal service the relevant documents that regulate the activities of these organizations abroad.

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