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26 December 2022 13: 00
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Why subpoenas started to be handed out on the streets again and how long it will continue

The Ministry of Defense believes that if the Ukrainians were more disciplined, they would not have to hand out subpoenas on the streets.

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Why subpoenas started to be handed out on the streets again and how long it will continue

In recent days, in many cities of Ukraine, the distribution of subpoenas on the streets, in cafes and markets has resumed, which we wrote about in the link material. This new wave led to a public outcry, which is why the headquarters of the Ground Wax Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided comment the situation.

According to the head of the headquarters of the command of the Ground Forces Roman Gorbach, in this way, the Ministry of Defense collects and updates data on those liable for military service. And this is necessary because men almost never notify the territorial recruitment centers about what education they received, where they moved, when they got married, divorced, or if they had children.

“If the conscripts themselves submitted updated data to the territorial centers, no one would catch them on the streets”, - he declared.

Carrying subpoenas home is inefficient

Gorbach explained that the distribution of subpoenas in public places is due to the fact that serving subpoenas at home addresses is ineffective - people just don't open doors. And that is why the chiefs of staff choose places where there are a lot of people.

At the same time, Ukrainians are reminded that during the distribution of subpoenas, representatives of the recruiting centers, together with the police, can check the man’s documents, identify him and issue a subpoena about the need to submit up-to-date information about himself.

"Especially easy to do when public order is disturbed For example, curfew. But this does not mean that all these people are handed subpoenas to call them to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In 95%, this is done so that a citizen comes to the territorial center and there they clarify his military credentials. And then he comes home."Gorbach added.

It should be noted that the delivery of subpoenas as a punishment for violating public order has been repeatedly criticized as a way to discredit military service.

Previously in the Ministry of Defense statedthat new waves of mobilization are not expected in Ukraine, and its pace will depend on the situation at the front. In fact, we can conclude that pre-mobilization continues all the time, it’s just not so noticeable compared to the large-scale mobilization in spring, when the war had just begun and a large number of people were needed to be sent to the front.

Recall that back in the summer, the Ministry of Defense explained that summonses can be served at any time of the day and in any place, if this does not contradict the law. At the same time, the legislation of Ukraine does not contain any prohibitions on the places of delivery of summonses to persons liable for military service, and at the time of delivery of the summons the identity of the person liable for military service must be established.

We also recall that, according to Art. 65 of the Constitution of Ukraine, protection of the Motherland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, respect for its state symbols are the responsibility of the citizens of Ukraine. For the period of martial law, the constitutional rights of Ukrainians may be limited, and the service of subpoenas is not a violation of these rights.

We also wrote about  Does Ukraine need large-scale mobilization now?, and told that Putin ready to mobilize Russia to defeat Ukraine.

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