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29 September 2021 17: 31
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Neo-Nazis Botsman and Karas appreciated Usyk's "white breed" and decided to recruit him for themselves

About the boxer with the "wrong" political views suddenly started talking after his victory in Britain

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Neo-Nazis Botsman and Karas appreciated the white breed of Usyk and decided to recruit him for themselves

There is a sudden enlightenment among neo-Nazis. After boxer Alexander Usik defeated Briton Anthony Joshua and became the absolute world champion, some subjects suddenly realized that such valuable personnel should not be scattered.

Former friend and colleague Maxim "Tesak" Martsinkevich Sergey Korotkikh, he is Boatswain, he is also Malyuta could not restrain his admiration while watching the battle.

"I root for Usyk solely because of his Breed. And I wish him victory as a genetic model of this correct Breed. Unfortunately, majestic genetics does not prevent him from being a rare quilted asshole", - writes short in his telegram channel.

"The moment of the triumph of the White breed", - he addswhen Usyk won.

You must understand that from the lips of a person who judges other people by facial features and the shape of the skull, the words about the so-called breed are the highest compliment. Well, just like Hitler, who considered the Soviet people dirty animals, but recognized the authority of Stalin and believed that he had some part of the Aryan blood.

The leader of the right-wing radical organization "C14" also voted. Evgeny Karas. He believes that Usyk's "Simferopol-Ukraine" gloves, his appearance to the song "Shadow of the Sun", the Ukrainian language at the press conference, and the very fact of winning the championship overlap statements about Crimea.

"Usyk needs to be directed in the right direction by the forces of business, counterintelligence, sports, advertising, propaganda," - says Karas.

By the way, in one of the posts, the activist ridiculed the fact that a black Joshua spoke from Britain with an embossed map of Africa on his shoulder.

"As a top Briton in boxing - certainly an ironic figure. "What's wrong with you, yesterday's empire?", - he laments.

That people like Korotkikh and Karas bow down to brute force, high status and big money is nothing new. But it’s a little unpleasant to watch how Usyk suddenly began to curry favor after the victory. First did not show his fight on any of the channels, and then the president congratulated, and they wrote in all the news, and Radio Liberty took an interview. One Sternenko as long as you stay true to yourselfalthough it would seem.

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