Irina Lyutikova
April 20 2020 16: 39
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Quarantine Violation: Filaret Communioned People from One Spoon

Should we expect a coronavirus outbreak after Easter?

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Quarantine Violation: Filaret Communioned People from One Spoon

During the Easter service in the Vladimir Cathedral, the former primate of the UOC-KP Filaret did not comply with quarantine measures.

Babel reports.

In particular, the publication notes that during the Easter Liturgy of Filaret, other priests were without masks and gloves.  

In addition, precautions were not observed during the rite of communion.

“People come up to the priest, he puts the cross to his forehead, and then everyone takes turns kissing the Bible. After the blessing, Filaret takes turns giving communion to about 50 people from one spoon., - writes the edition.

Earlier, Klymenko Time reported that on quarantine violators during the Easter services were administrative protocols.

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