25 July 2020 12: 17
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Mendel earns more than Zelensky. Named amount

With allowances and bonuses, it turns out well

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Mendel earns more than Zelensky. Named amount

In June 2020, the press secretary of Vladimir Zelensky, Yulia Mendel, earned almost twice as much as the head of state himself.

Ukrainian News Agency reports this, citing a response from the State Administration of Affairs.

Thus, the salary of the press secretary of the President of Ukraine Yulia Mendel in June 2020 was UAH 46.

Of these, 21 hryvnias are official salaries, 750 hryvnias are bonuses for labor intensity, 8 hryvnias are payments for the period of business trips and bonuses.

Of the accrued amount, 9 thousand hryvnias of taxes and fees were paid, so Mendel received 37,2 thousand hryvnias of salary in June.

Note that the President of Ukraine in June earned 28 thousand hryvnia, of which he received 22,5 thousand hryvnia.

Earlier Klymenko Time reported that Mendel speaks out again about his "pregnancy" from Zelensky.




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