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14 July 2021 16: 39
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Drobovich spoke about the tragedy at Babi Yar, but it turned out again about Putin

The new director of the UINP has surpassed Vyatrovich himself

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Drobovich spoke about the tragedy at Babi Yar, but it turned out again about Putin

Probably, Vladimir Vyatrovichgiving Anton Drobovich the post of director of the UINP, accidentally instilled in him a piece of his soul. Otherwise, the craving for the justification of Nazism cannot be explained.

Drobovich vs USSR

Drobovich spoke today Online "Ukraine 30. Humanitarian Policy". His report was devoted to the murder of Jews during the Great Patriotic War, including Babi Yar and the Volyn massacre, but for some reason, 75% of the airtime Anton Eduardovich chastised the USSR. No, of course, he remembered that the Semitic peoples were exterminated by abstract Nazis, but then he abruptly switched to the fact that the Soviet Union actually erased the Jewish national identity and generally raised people "without family and tribe."

“The Soviet Union did an incredibly terrible thing. He tried to dissolve the Jewish victims into "peaceful Soviet citizens". <...> This phrase means nothing. She does not tell us about people, people, reasons, drama - she does not say anything. Attempts to dissolve the Jewish victims in this euphemism is a crime of the highest cynicism, of the highest grade. Drobovich said.

Well, you understand, right? Replacing the word "Jews» to the word "citizens" - cynicism of the highest grade. Murder and bullying is a lesser sort of cynicism. Even average, perhaps.

And of course, where without Him:

“Putin's latest article is an attempt to tell that we are part of the Russian people. Let me remind you that there are more than twenty people's republics in Russia. And when a country in which people burn themselves because their linguistic and ethnic rights are violated, says that we are one people with them - so I would first like to say: "First you become one people among yourself, and then you will tell us, what a people we are."

And if the people's deputy Maxim Buzhansky burns itself after did not accept his amendment, then what will people like Drobovich do? Will they not notice or will they celebrate?

Drobovich vs. Poland

This is not the end of Drobovich's scumbags. Reproaching the Soviet Union for its callousness, he casually devalued the tragedy of the Polish people. Not only did he call the Volyn massacre a Volyn tragedy, thereby removing responsibility from the instigators, he also called on the Poles to reconcile and almost repent.

This was stated by the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Edward Dolinsky:

"The official writes that "every nation - both Ukrainians and Poles - must have the courage to respect the pain and loss on the other side and recognize the responsibility for the crimes of specific people on their part." What is this cynicism compared to? It is, for example, as if the Germans offered the Jews to respect their pain and loss - after all, many Germans died during the war.

In general, Drobovich did not say anything new and surprising. Ordinary historical revisionism after the coup d'état. But for some reason, every time is like the first.

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