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13 August 2020 17: 25
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Four more countries of the world opened their borders for Ukrainians: full list

Kuleba gave details

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Four more countries of the world opened their borders for Ukrainians: full list

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that 42 countries of the world have already opened their borders for citizens of Ukraine. The borders are fully open or with conditions under quarantine.

This was stated by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba during a briefing.

"Last week there were 38 such countries. During this time, their number has increased by 4," - He said.

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According to him, the list also includes Armenia, where you can come under the condition of a two-week self-isolation, Burkina Faso, Togo and Chad.

The full list of countries where Ukrainians can travel:

  • Turkey,
  • Serbia,
  • Albania,
  • North Macedonia,
  • Montenegro,
  • Belarus,
  • United Kingdom,
  • USA
  • Mexico,
  • Egypt,
  • Tunisia,
  • The Republic of Korea,
  • Iraq,
  • Iran,
  • Afghanistan,
  • South Sudan,
  • Ethiopia,
  • Somalia,
  • Kenya,
  • Zambia,
  • Tanzania,
  • Burundi,
  • Seychelles,
  • Bahamas,
  • Lebanon,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Slovenia,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Ireland,
  • Maldives,
  • Antigua and Barbuda,
  • Ecuador,
  • Jamaica,
  • Cambodia,
  • Comoros,
  • Pakistan,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • Saint Lucia,
  • Armenia,
  • Burkina Faso,
  • Togo,
  • Chad.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that before traveling to a particular country, it is worth studying the rules for crossing the border.

Recall that the Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on Wednesday, August 12, made changes into the rules of adaptive quarantine in Ukraine.

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