Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Konstantinovka, Pokrovsk: what is the fate of the last major cities of Donbass that the Ukrainian army still controls

In the part of Donbas controlled by Ukraine, the situation is constantly aggravated

Limited fit is also needed by the homeland

Who is being drafted into the army now, how is mobilization going, and what is it all leading to

A natural phenomenon or the work of man: where does the Dnieper water disappear to?

A video appeared on the web with a mass kill of fish in the Kakhovka reservoir

Between the lines: what and why did Medvedchuk write and why now?

In Russia, an article was published by the ex-deputy of the Rada, recently deprived of Ukrainian citizenship, Viktor Medvedchuk.

The word is not a sparrow: what Arestovich said yesterday, and how it all looks against the backdrop of the tragedy in the Dnieper

On the eve of Ukraine was subjected to another massive missile attack. The biggest disaster happened in the Dnieper, where one of the rockets hit an apartment building, completely destroying one entrance.

To whom is Courchevel, and to whom is Soledar or emergency power outages

Why does the "Monaco battalion" irritate the inhabitants of Ukrainian Khrushchevs so much?

Embassies will keep military records of Ukrainian citizens abroad

How will it be, and what threatens the violation of accounting rules?

The Upper Lavra was taken from the UOC. At Christmas, the OCU serves there

What awaits the Ukrainian Orthodox Church?

Christmas truce in Ukraine: will it happen or not?

Today, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus' made a proposal to establish a "Christmas truce".

Issuing subpoenas in yards and businesses is now legal

What has changed for Ukrainian conscripts with the approval of a new procedure for registering those liable for military service?

Happy New Year 2023, friends!

We all want one thing: let it be better than the previous one!

What can not be put on the New Year's table, so as not to anger the rabbit

What can not be put on the New Year's table so as not to offend the rabbit? We tell in our material.

Russia launched a massive missile attack on the cities of Ukraine on New Year's Eve: what is the situation in the regions

On New Year's Eve, Russia fired 20 missiles at Ukraine. Only in Kyiv there were 10 explosions. There are injured and dead. All the details are in the chronicle of events.

What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays are over? Five tips for not throwing a tree in the trash

What to do with the tree when the holidays are over? Better not throw away the tree - give it a second life. We will give advice on how to save the tree.

Carrots on the table and order in the head: how to celebrate the year of the Rabbit so that it brings good luck?

The coming year is the year of the Black Rabbit. How to call his favor and get everything planned - we tell in the material.

In which regions - planned shutdowns, and in which - emergency ones: who will have electricity on New Year's Eve?

For the New Year, the power engineers promised to do their best so that people could prepare for the holiday. How the power outage schedules will work - read the material.

Forgot about the coronavirus? But in vain! Ministry of Health warns that war is not a reason to refuse vaccination

Over the past week alone, almost 19 Ukrainians have been hospitalized in hospitals with COVID-3.

State language of instruction, rights and prohibitions: key from the Law on National Minorities signed by the President

Most of all, the adopted law may be outraged by the Hungarians, who have previously criticized the language law.

There will be no winter fairy tale: what kind of weather forecasters promise Ukrainians for the New Year

New Year's thaw awaits us, in Ukraine it will get warmer up to +15 degrees

New Year's by candlelight? Will Ukrainians have light on holidays

The OP assures that they are doing everything to ensure that there are no power outages on New Year's Eve.