ATM national roaming: what the NBU has implemented for banks to work in blackout conditions

In addition, according to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Ukraine is preparing for Russian attacks on the banking system.

Loans for destroyed housing and cars can be written off, but not all: details

Borrowers whose credit properties are damaged due to the war will have to renew loan payments six months after the end of the war.

Drone strikes on Russian airfields in Engels and Ryazan: what answer can be from the Russian Federation?

In this case, not just Russian military bases were attacked, but one of the nuclear triads of the Russian Federation - an air base.

In the Russian Federation, objects in the Kursk and Bryansk regions were attacked, in Odessa, after the shelling, the most critical situation: military news for December 6

The Russian Federation is trying to encircle Bakhmut and is conducting offensive operations in the Avdiivka area, and the Ukrainians have been warned of a new possible attack by the Russian Federation.

Cat, dog, parrot, fish: how to help pets in case of blackout and lack of heat

The main thing is that they have water, food and the opportunity to keep warm.

Alfa Bank no longer exists: what awaits depositors

The bank is now called "Sense".

You still have to return: which countries and what assistance is provided to Ukraine

Due to the growth of external debt in terms of per capita, every Ukrainian already “owes” more than 7 thousand dollars.

Valid or not: how to challenge the decision of the medical board

There are only two ways to prove that you have a disease that is contrary to military draft, but the doctors ignored it.

Beware of the car: the number of fatal accidents has risen sharply - both drivers and pedestrians are urged to be extremely careful on dark roads

We give recommendations on how to protect yourself on roads with broken traffic lights and in the absence of street lighting.

The Russian Federation launched a missile attack on the largest mining and metallurgical complex of the country, in Russia explosions were heard at two airfields at once: military news in Ukraine on December 5

There were also shelling in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, and the Crimean bridge was practically repaired.

Temporary protection or refugee status? How to apply, what are the differences and how to exercise your social rights in the host countries

Each status has its pros and cons.

Kyiv wants to disrupt the UN initiative to renew the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline - Russian media

According to Russia, Kyiv is preparing a provocation to disrupt the UN initiative to resume the transit of ammonia through the Togliatti-Odessa pipeline.

Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region, Crimea is being prepared for evacuation, but the United States predicts a slowdown in hostilities: military news December 4

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have entered the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region, museums are being evacuated in Crimea, and the United States predicts a slowdown in hostilities.

Hospitals will refuse to accept patients: which of the Ukrainians will be left without medical care during the blackout

In the event of a blackout, medical institutions will operate according to different rules - Ukrainians need to prepare for this.

Tricks, tricks and dancing with a tambourine: how to make your laptop and phone last longer on battery if there is no light

After emergency power outages entered the life of Ukrainians, the issue of extending the operation of gadgets became relevant. We will give some tips on how to make a laptop and phone work longer,

Winter came unexpectedly, in December: Klitschko again made everyone laugh with the readiness of snowplows

Whether it's a war, or a nuclear bomb, or even a blackout, every winter the curse overtakes Kyiv's roads. So this time the snowfall blocked the roads, and winter came unexpectedly. December 3rd.

The ceiling is oil, the door is creaky: the Kremlin promises to leave Europe completely without oil in response to price caps

In Russia, the reaction to the oil price ceiling was expectedly negative. But analysts note that accusations against Russia will soon follow from the EU.

Armed Forces of Ukraine go to Melitopol to shell the Crimean bridge, Kherson under daily artillery fire, and the US is preparing a new package of assistance to Ukraine: military news 3 December

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning an attack on Melitopol in order to open the road to the Crimea and the Zaporozhye region, they are moving towards Svatovo and Kremennaya. The United States is giving new military aid to Ukraine.

Klitschko said that the metro in Kyiv will not work, and Ukrenergo is going to sue the Russian Federation

Kyiv will be left without a metro in the event of a complete power outage in the capital. At this time, Ukrenergo announced that it was going to bill the Russians for each destroyed facility.

Love cannot be parted: what happens on the love front of Ukrainians during the war and what every family needs to know

We talk about how Tinder has become an indispensable assistant in the love affairs of the Ukrainian Amur, what psychologists advise to maintain relationships and what to do if you are a victim of domestic violence.