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30 December 2022 18: 45
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There will be no winter fairy tale: what kind of weather forecasters promise Ukrainians for the New Year

New Year's thaw awaits us, in Ukraine it will get warmer up to +15 degrees

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There will be no winter fairy tale: what kind of weather forecasters promise Ukrainians for the New Year

The last day of 2022 and the first day of the new year will not please Ukrainians with a winter fairy tale. These New Year holidays will be remembered by Ukrainians for the warmth and absence of snow inherent in winter. The weather on December 31, 2022 and January 1, 2023 will be “positive”, cloudy, in some places there will be light rains.

In addition, the wind will be spring. About it reported synoptic Natalia Didenko.

So, on December 31, the air temperature in Ukraine is predicted at + 4 ... + 9 degrees south to +12, in the northeast it will be a little cooler - + 1 ... + 4 degrees.

В first day of 2023 temperature will rise by an average of 4-8 degrees. That is, in Ukraine, the average temperature will remain at the level +8…+15 degrees.

The wind is expected to be spring, gusty. Significant precipitation over the weekend in Ukraine is not expected.

It will also be warm in Kyiv: tomorrow up to +7 degrees, January 1st - up to +12 degrees. Snow and rain in the capital is also not expected.

The weather at the beginning of the new working week will continue to amaze with almost April weather. It will be warmest in Prykarpattya and Lviv region+12…+14°С, and so in Rivne, Volyn and Kyiv regions+10…+12°С. In the southern regions of Ukraine is expected +8…+11°С, in the center, east and north +6…+9°С.

During the day without precipitation, partly cloudy throughout the country.

In general, the first month of the new year also promises to be abnormally warm and more like April, the air temperature in some places will rise to +16 degrees. About it рассказал people's weather forecaster Stanislav Shchedrin. He predicts that the first half of January will be very warm. This anomaly will be brought by warm air masses from Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean.

During the day in the regions of Ukraine, you can expect up to 10 degrees of heat, and in the south temperature will rise to 16 degrees with a plus sign. At the same time will go heavy rain along with snow.

Already in the second half of January, winter will come into its own and bring significant cooling and snowfalls to Ukraine. This forecast may still have to be corrected, but not significantly, Shchedrin noted.

The fact how and in what to celebrate the New Year of the Black Water Rabbit, we told in our material at the link. We also wrote about how many days off will there be for Christmas and New Year and what fine will you have to pay for buying an illegal Christmas tree. Also, we figured out will Ukrainians have light and warmth on New Year's Eve.

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