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08 August 2022 15: 45
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"Iron Curtain" in Ukrainian: will Russians be denied entry to Ukraine for 50 years?

Most likely, they will be limited to the visa regime and the next package of sanctions against individuals and legal entities from the Russian Federation, although we will not be surprised at anything.

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Iron Curtain in Ukrainian style: will Russians be denied entry to Ukraine for 50 years?

Demand Online Petition ban citizens of Russia entry to Ukraine on subsequent 50 years collected enough signatures to be considered by the president Vladimir Zelensky.

Slightly more than 26 Ukrainians want complete border closure for Russians

The petition was published on the official website of the President of Ukraine 23 May. And by this time I managed to collect more than 26 thousand signatures. Accordingly, it is now obliged to respond to it Vladimir Zelensky.

Petitioner Andrey Kuzmin proposes to ban entry to Ukraine for all citizens of Russia, with the exception of those who fought on the Ukrainian side.

"We propose to completely close entry to Ukraine to all Russians for the next 50 years and not to issue residence permits to Russians, except for those who fought on the side of Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war", says the text of the petition.

According to the author, over the last 8 years the state could not protect the Ukrainians from the Russians, which means it must be done closed border.

"Unfortunately, over these 8 years, the authorities have not been able to protect Ukraine from saboteurs, agents and spotters who have been arriving in Ukraine all this time because of the visa-free regime with Russia. We paid for this with thousands of lives"- writes Kuzmin.

Neither land, nor subsoil, nor intellectual property

It is worth noting that petition appeared even before Ukraine introduced a visa regime with Russia. Therefore, most likely, the president will refer to the fact that these restrictions are quite enough at the moment.

In addition, already in the next plenary week The Rada will approve the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on sanctions against individuals and legal entities from the Russian Federation who will be valid for 10 years.

The package will consist of 10 items:

  1. A ban on the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine in favor of individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation;
  2. Stopping permits for the use of subsoil;
  3. Prohibition on privatization and lease of state property;
  4. Prohibition on public procurement of goods, works, services related to the Russian Federation;
  5. Prohibition of entry of vessels and aircraft associated with the Russian Federation;
  6. Prohibition of the acquisition of securities from issuers associated with the Russian Federation;
  7. Termination of the issuance of cash payment cards issued by persons associated with the Russian Federation;
  8. Prohibition (NBU permits and licenses) for investments in the Russian Federation;
  9. Prohibition on the transfer of technology and intellectual property rights to persons from the Russian Federation;
  10. Prohibition on acquisition of ownership of land for persons associated with the Russian Federation.

But these points will not apply to citizens of Russia, legally residing in Ukraine and legal entities associated with them.

Less than 100 Russians wanted to come to Ukraine in the last month

Recall that from 1 Julyto get into to Ukraine Russians must obtain a visa at visa centers, which are in eight Russian cities. Moreover, this visa does not guarantee free entry to the country because final decision about crossing the border are accepted by employees State Border Service.

В Russia was toldthat they will not introduce mirror measures against to the citizens of Ukraine.

By the way, for a month of action visa regime documents for obtaining a visa to visit Ukraine have been submitted about 80 citizens of Russia. About it live telethon last week the speaker of the State Border Service Andrey Demchenko.

"During this month, according to my information, about 80 citizens of the Russian Federation submitted information for obtaining a visa. However, none of them received a visa yet, and none of them could actually cross the border"- said Demchenko.

Earlier we wrote about that every fourth Ukrainian left the country because of the warand explained why  most of them went to Russia.

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