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12 February 2022 10: 31
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Zelensky imposes sanctions against those who helped him become president

TV presenter Max Nazarov said that all those who helped Zelensky are now personal enemies of the president

Max Nazarov
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Zelensky imposes sanctions against those who helped him become president

TV presenter Max Nazarov commented NSDC decision introduce a full package of sanctions against the Nash media. According to him, all those who contributed to Zelensky's victory in the presidential election fell under sanctions. The TV presenter shares his thoughts in his Telegram channel.

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Sometime in 2019, I received the news with great enthusiasm that Zelensky was going to defeat Poroshenko. Exactly the evil that spread its wings at that very moment (it seemed to me so).

Recently I looked at my posts of that time - I was a Zelebot, guys, a sincere bad optimist. It was then that we all (and there were many of us) did everything for Zelensky's victory, each added his percentage, you know the names, the merits are appreciated, and now these are all we are under sanctions. illegal sanctions.

Now, these are all of us, his personal enemies: Muraev, Razumkov, Shariy, Medvedchuk, Avakov, Bogdan, Gordon and others. And who is left? Trukhin, Danilov and Bezuglaya? 

And what is left of that Zelensky? Yes, nothing - only cowardice, pettiness, teenage grievances, covering up one's own and some incomprehensible trail of pomposity and narcissism.

I wrote a long time ago, Zelensky will be ruined by these “friends”, they have already ruined him. But so be it.

Only the next years lost for the country are a pity, a pity for those very sincere bad optimists. But now sincere, wiser and evil.

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