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10 February 2021 18: 26

Zelensky is ready for a coalition with right-wing radicals to imprison Stefanchuk and get rid of a competitor

- If Razumkov holds on to the post of speaker, he will probably become the successor to the presidency. If not, Zelensky will be elected himself for a second term.

Ruslan Bortnik
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Zelensky is ready for a coalition with right-wing radicals to imprison Stefanchuk and get rid of a competitor

Last decision time heads of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov differ significantly from the views President Volodymyr Zelensky and a significant part of the people's deputies from the "Servant of the People". The matter also concerns the candidature proposed by the guarantor for the position First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Energy Yuri Vitrenko, and refusal to vote in the National Security and Defense Council for blocking ZIK, 112 and NewsOne. Many already speak openly Dmitry Alexandrovich's own political force will soon appear. Especially today, according to information "Ukrainian truth", Zelensky is preparing a replacement for Razumkov on Ruslan Stefanchuk.

Surely this information is not groundless. Most likely, launching it in the information field has a specific goal - to probe the soil. Probably, the key task of the OP, according to the logic of events, is to prevent the removal of Razumkov from becoming a catalyst for the growth of his rating. The resources of the Office clearly show that they received the go-ahead to "hit" the speaker. Does this mean the OP is afraid of competition? We think so. We would not be in a hurry with such concerns for one reason - as we wrote, people are now working on Razumkov's promotion Renata Akhmetova. Remember his last political project that took off. In addition, Stefanchuk oversees the "economic, financial, tax and other troikas in the Committees," and as the president's representative in the Supreme Council, he defends the interests of the PC. Apparently, that's why the office chose him to be the new speaker.

KlymenkoTime asked to comment on the situation Ruslan Bortnyk, director of the Ukrainian Institute of Politics. According to him, "Razumkov's project" has great chances of success, but only those who are ready to reckon with the speaker's opinion will agree with it. So far, we see that in Ukraine there is indeed a shortage of personnel and a lack of politicians who would professionally evaluate and make balanced decisions. And Razumkov successfully fits into this image.  

Also commenting on the possible alliance between Razumkov and ex-premier Vladimir Groysman the expert added that everything is possible in the world, but he sees more the union of the head with the Opposition Platform for Life, since he was previously in the Party of Regions and he has more common points of view with this political force. 

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There is no official decision on Razumkov, only rumors, some of which are spread by the Office of the President as pressure on the speaker. But Razumkov is not so easy to change, since this threatens Zelensky with the loss of control over the mono-majority. The head of the Rada has associates and a strong group of influence within the "Servants". Other factions and political groups also have a positive attitude towards him. Replacing Stefanchuk will weaken the coalition. With this success, I'll have more faith in replacing Batkivshchyna leader Yulia Tymoshenko or head of the "Servants" faction David Arakhamia.

If the rumors about the replacement are blackmail, then it can be assumed that the President's Office is concerned about Razumkov's ratings, since he is really able to compete with Vladimir Aleksandrovich both electorally and politically. And this competition irritates the president. He is most likely annoyed by the special position of Razumkov, which allowed leadership in trust among the country's politicians, as well as the fact that many oligarchs and external partners are involved.

This is not a game of chess, but a game of checkers. I think Razumkov's fate will be decided before the end of 2021. If he holds his position, he will probably become Zelensky's successor. True, if he agrees. It will not last until the end of the year, the fate of the "heir" will hang in the air, which will mean the election of Zelensky for a second term.

"Razumkov's game", which everyone is now talking about, is more like marking time. He does nothing, does not gain ratings with the help of someone or something. His position is close to the theses of the "Servant of the People" sample of 2019. In the meantime, the president's ratings are declining and the party's policy is deviating to the right. That's all the explanation.

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