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12 March 2022 18: 10
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Zelensky gave a press conference to foreign media: the main thing from the speech

We publish the main thing from the speech of the President of Ukraine.

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Zelensky gave a press conference to foreign media: the main thing from the speech
The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky gave a big press conference to the world media. Recording опубликовал Office of the President of Ukraine. We are talking about the main theses from his speech - further from the words of the head of state.

About the war in Ukraine

  • Even if a million Russian citizens are brought here to die, it is impossible to occupy Ukrainians.
  • The Russians will enter Kyiv if they destroy us all. Only they will have to live on this earth without us. They will definitely not find friends among us.
  • In Ukraine, during the full-scale war, about 1300 Ukrainian soldiers died.
  • We 100% we know that there will be a victory, and 100% we do not know when it will be.
  • Some small towns in Ukraine no longer exist.
  • У After this war, Ukraine will have a completely new history - the history of the United Nation.
  • We have a front everywhere. I think you feel it. Just everywhere, and everywhere there is a difficult situation.
  • In Mariupol there are some people with a beard, some Chechens. They don't even know what insulin, diabetes is. Another convoy went there - and representatives of churches went with it, there are representatives of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate, if the Russian Federation shoots at them - I simply have no words.
  • Today there are 14 humanitarian corridors, which we have agreed with the Russian occupiers. But everything is not so simple, there are no gifts from the occupiers.
  • At first there were ultimatums from the side of the Russian Federation, now we see that there was no three / four-day occupation by the Russian Federation, as well as a change in the leadership of our state.
  • People all over the world take to the squares for a reason. They all believe that Europe and the world are not doing enough. Otherwise, they would have come out and applauded their leaders and thanked them for not abandoning Ukraine, not leaving it alone. What is in Ukraine today may be in Europe tomorrow. In order to prevent this, everyone must fight for themselves, but in our country - whoever can do it must fight like that.
  • The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, who was kidnapped on March 11, is alive, but the invaders are torturing him. I called three leaders - Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and Andrzej Duda - and asked to call the man who is sitting in Moscow. I would have called myself, but he does not communicate with me, and asked them to speak: the mayor needs to be released.
  • What the Russian Federation is doing - shelling a children's hospital in Mariupol - is a terrorist attack.
  • There are very scary signals from Russia when they say that they find some kind of chemical weapon in our country. You are already thinking: “then they can use chemical weapons.” All their signals are for a reason: they scare people, but out of 100 messages, 10 can take place.
  • Many of the Russian army realized that they are Nazis. And I do not know how they will return home. All the rest of the military who came here and enjoy the killings will not leave on their own, they will be taken out of here.
  • Just yesterday, about 500-600 Russian occupiers fell into Ukrainian captivity. It is difficult to name the exact number - many still run through the fields and forests, someone runs away to the Russian Federation.
  • We will never be able to live in Russian occupation: raise the flag of this state, sing the anthem .. That we will eat ourselves from the inside. This is not life, this is pain. Therefore, we defend our life and our freedom. For me, victory is to save my nation. 

About the EU

  • I think that our people have shown that they are brave, strong, European, will not leave anyone in trouble and are able to fight. This will strengthen the EU.
  • We believe that we deserve to be in the EU. We do not need to promise anything, we need concrete support.
  • If the EU says yes, then you need to speak specifically, and not balance between "droplets of diplomacy", because you will be "completely in the rain."

About NATO and closing the sky

  • Ukraine needs anti-missile systems, and the country is ready to buy them even on credit.
  • I do not see the courage of NATO members to unite for the sake of Ukraine.
  • There was no coordinated position of the Western countries on the admission of Ukraine to NATO.
  • When we talk about closing the sky - even in such trifles for NATO leaders, and such important things for Ukrainians - there is no position.
  • It seems to me that in the West they will sit in a cafe and until the bomb arrives in this particular cafe - they will not believe that this will happen to them, until that moment no one will close the sky. I don't wish this on anyone.
  • What is the Alliance for? They are needed for unification so that no one can interfere in the life of an independent country. We are grateful for the support of some NATO countries and for the support of the Alliance in general. But it hurts now. You can not say that "our doors are open." It's like giving access to artificial respiration. It is given to a living person, not to a dead one.
  • People all over the world were ready to provide Ukraine with an alternative to closing the sky. Everyone is ready, but not those who can solve this issue, unfortunately.

About negotiations with the Russian Federation

  • As for Israel and Prime Minister Bennett's mediation, we have a positive attitude towards this. I believe that Mr. Bennet can play an important role...
  • I told Mr. Bennett that it is wrong and unconstructive to meet in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus - these are not the points where it is possible to stop the war. I'm talking about a meeting of leaders. Could Israel, Jerusalem, be such a land? - I think so. And I told him about it.
  • Israel may be among the security guarantors.
  • Я I am ready for negotiations with the Russian Federation, I hope that the peace process will be started in practice, and not in words.
  • I am glad to have a signal from the Russian Federation about negotiations. Over the past 2 years, we have addressed the Russian Federation dozens of times, and I have never heard that there could be a dialogue.
  • 100% should start with a ceasefire, this will launch humanitarian processes, the removal of people and the delivery of food, water, and medicines. This is the correct, diplomatic signal. 
  • Now tens of thousands of people have died because the Russian Federation could not confirm the possibility of a meeting. Today, the negotiating group has already started talking to us about something, and not just throwing ultimatums, and this is a fundamentally different approach. But I think that the involvement of Western partners and leaders is not enough. They should offer security guarantees. With this agenda, we conveyed to some leaders the issues that are being discussed between the parties of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and they should discuss this with Russia. I know that the signals from them are not bad in terms of the proposals that came from our side.
  • In the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, we need more integration of our Western partners. Russia cannot give security guarantees after such a bloody war. Security guarantees must be offered by the leaders of other countries.
  • The Russian Federation did not lose the war to us, the authorities historically lost for their people. Many Russians will now be ashamed of their origin.
  • It's right that they froze the assets of the Russians. It had to be done faster. We proposed this as preventive sanctions. We believe that if preventive sanctions had been introduced, there would have been no war.

In addition, Zelensky also boasted of Ukrainian democracy. According to the head of state, such a democracy, as in Ukraine, still needs to be looked for in the world.

We previously reported that the Ministry of Economy explained how the Russian Federation will recover damages.

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