Julia Shvytkina
31 October 2022 20: 30

Western weapons supplied to Ukraine "surfaced" in Finnish criminals, as well as in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands

In Europe, the situation with arms smuggling from Ukraine is compared with the experience after the wars of the 1990s in Yugoslavia. In Ukraine, they say that this information is a fake.

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Western weapons supplied to Ukraine have surfaced in Finnish criminals, as well as in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands

Various European law enforcement organizations and journalists have repeatedly said that weapons supplied by Europe and the United States to the government ofVladimir Zelensky, disappears and ends up with European criminal elements.

Express has repeatedly quoted forensic scientists warning of a new illegal arms market in Ukraine and citing examples of weapons orders that could be placed through the "darknet" in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. “Mobile rocket launchers, machine guns, anti-aircraft missiles and even American howitzers stolen from army warehouses could be bought earlier, and you can still buy them now,” they say journalists.

Now the Finnish police are also sounding the alarm: according to the Helsinki police, weapons from Ukraine fell into the hands of Finnish criminal groups. "We're talking about automatics" the chief commissioner said Christer Algren (Christer Ahlgren) from the National Bureau of Investigation in an interview with the Finnish radio station Yle. "Weapons destined for Ukraine were also found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands", – quoted Algren and the ntv channel.

Lack of control and corruption

The European police organization Europol - as well as Austrian investigators - warned in the summer that criminals would try to get weapons and ammunition, which Kyiv receives in huge quantities as military aid. "We have information that such weapons are on their way to Finland"Algren said.

The investigator did not specify that this became possible only because there is either no proper control in the Ukrainian army, and / or corrupt military officers let their weapons go to the left.

Ways of smuggling are known. Part of the arms trade is carried out, for example, through international groups of so-called motorcycle rockers, whom the police accuse of being involved in organized crime. For example, the rock band Bandidos MC has representatives in every major Ukrainian city, Algren says. Weapons enter Finland through seaports, which are not as carefully guarded as air harbors.

Algeren recalled the experience gained by the police after the 1990s wars in Yugoslavia. From there, smuggled weapons penetrated into many countries. "Ukraine is getting weapons in large quantities, which is good. But we will now have to deal with these weapons for several decades in other places. This is the price we will have to pay for pushing back Russia," said a high-ranking policeman.

Weapons from the region of the Balkan wars at one time became the weapon of the most terrible terrorist attack ever committed in Austria by Muslims. On November 2, 2020, a terrorist, using a Yugoslav copy of the Russian AK-47 assault rifle, killed four people from it, and then exchanged fire with law enforcement officers for several minutes.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine declares that it will check this information and talk about a fake

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine says that it will check information about the smuggling of Ukrainian weapons to Finland.  “In order to verify the facts given in the interview, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine sent a request to Finland, Sweden, Denmark using the Europol communication system”- says in the message of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Kremlin propagandists willingly provoke the creation of dangerous myths and fictions about the processes taking place in Ukraine. In particular, they also willingly use the fruits of the labor of foreign journalists who use unverified sources, rumors from the depths of the Internet, illogical assumptions, and the opinions of experts affiliated with pro-Russian forces. This is how the real information operations of the Putin regime take place in order to defile the image of the Ukrainian state, first of all, in the eyes of partners,” - they say in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko stated that the Ukrainian Embassy in Finland contacted the police for details. In reply "The Finnish side reported the absence of confirmed information or any specific facts of the supply of smuggled weapons from Ukraine."

We previously reported that The US Embassy ensures that weapons supplied to Ukraine do not enter the "black" market. 

We also wrote that several American media are hinting to Ukraine that heavy weapons are not expected in the near future. 

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